have your cake. and eat it, too.

I love baking.

But cooking hasn’t really grown on me.

He Who Shall Not Be Named loves to cook, and wants me to love to cook, and had always wanted to take a cooking class together. As his Valentine’s Day present, I booked us a date night at a couple’s cooking class. It was fun, but I was definitely much more into the dessert portion than the entree and side. (It certainly didn’t help we went a week after we lost the baby, and there was a pregnant woman in there who I was absolutely obsessed with.)

I felt better when one of the professional chefs said, “You usually either prefer to bake or to cook. People rarely are into both.”

Somehow that statement has freed me from forcing myself into cooking. I will do it, and I’d like to learn to be decent at it and not get overwhelmed with the prep, but at least I don’t have to expect to love it.

Anyway, I digress.

This post was about cake . . .

I love the month of April.

It smells like spring rain in the morning. The grass turns green. It starts to become warm enough to not wear a jacket most days. Renewal is just in the air and the longer days motivate me to be a more productive person.

This year it has been even more crucial . . . I suppose the trauma of 2013 at the end of winter was about the best timing I could have hoped for, because at least I have Spring to show up and hopefully pull me out of my depression.

And I have cake.

April is also the month that possesses the birthdays of two of my favorite people . . . my best girl, April, and my best boy, He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Again, I digress, but I am getting to my point.

About cake.

I decided this year to try my hand at delicious cakes for their birthdays. Because, like I declared earlier . . . I really love baking, Spring makes me feel motivated, and I need something to not feel depressed.

There is just something so rewarding about putting together a treat and watching others enjoy it. I’d much rather have someone rave over a cake I baked than a dinner I cooked . . . maybe because desserts are a little sinful, only consumed in moderation, and if I make something delicious enough to consume it feels like the ultimate compliment.

April knows how much I love baking and always sends me yummy recipes she finds on blogs. A few weeks ago she sent me a blog post about the ultimate strawberry cake. The original post about it says it’s reminiscent of strawberry ice cream.

What better excuse to try it than for her birthday?

So I set forth in a labor of love.

I even modified the recipe for high altitude . . . because I didn’t want to risk the layers sinking or not being even.

They baked beautifully . . . aside from the overcooked edges . . . you also have to adjust the bake temp and time in high altitude, so timing is everything and is sometimes hit or miss . . .

But, I chopped off the edges and got to the frosting. Which is an amazing strawberry butter cream . . . it’s whipped for over 15 minutes in the Kitchen Aid and turns into a dreamy, rich, velvety fluff . . .

I don’t have the right tools for a super smooth edge, so I did what I could and threw almost every sprinkle in my cabinet on it . . . and while I was entranced by decorating my cake, I didn’t even notice Carly was destroying a pair of brand new suede flats . . . (she’s going to puppy boot camp on Friday, but that’s another post entirely) . . .

And, the verdict?

It was delicious! (And reminiscent of strawberry ice cream? I’d say yes.)

I was so excited to contribute to making April’s day just a little sweeter . . . because being the awesome friend, wife, mother, and everything else in between . . . she deserves it!

And if you love strawberry cake . . . and you love to bake . . . please do yourself a favor and bake this cake for someone you love today.


  1. My comment just got eaten again (this is my fourth attempt). Agh! I can’t wait to try this cake out – something that tastes like strawberry ice cream can’t be missed!

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