hello, 2012!

And just like that the holiday season is over!New Year’s Eve was nice and relaxing, a good farewell to 2011, a year not without it’s ups and downs. We spent New Year’s Eve with good friends at a delicious dinner and then gathering to play some board games. (I take board games somewhat seriously and was pretty happy when He Who Shall Not Be Named and I won Taboo. You can’t play that game with just any partner!)

And if what they say is true, that what you are doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing the rest of the year, then I think 2012 is going to be quite nice . . . a year spent content, laughing and in the company of wonderful people.

Now it’s back to work and back to the daily routine, though, I’m sure things won’t be quiet long as I’m gearing myself up for a crazy 2012 – I have no doubt this year is going to bring about a lot of change and new adventures!

As for resolutions? Well, I try so hard every year not to make them, because all I do is break them. But, it’s difficult not to face a new year and feel like it’s an opportunity for a fresh start and to want to focus on new goals.

So, not resolutions, but rather just some things I hope to accomplish and focus on this year are . . .

  • Eat healthier. I say this EVERY year. And every year I get a tab better, I do. So, I have to keep it on the new year’s list.
  • Pay off a chunk of debt. Divorce and a severely upside-down property in AZ wasn’t cheap. And I continue to pay the price. I’ve come a long way in over two years, now this is the year I hope to clean it up once and for all. All I need is a little discipline . . . and a good tax refund :).
  • Climb a 14’er. Because I’m a Coloradan and this is what we’re suppose to do.
  • Focus on my career. I have a wonderful opportunity this year to start managing people and to travel a little more. It’s now or never to do something exciting in Corporate America, so I’m going to make the best of it.
  • Learn to cook. I love to cook and when I do, it’s not so bad. I just hate the act of meal planning and grocery shopping because it feels so overwhelming. Especially when it’s for a party of one. But, I’m hoping to work on these skills this year. The older I get, the more I long to be domestic! And I have He Who Shall Not Be Named to cook more for now . . . and looking forward to having a permanent party of two to cook for!
  • Get up earlier. I can wake up just fine on my own on the weekends, but on weekdays, waking up around the same time to an alarm feels like torture. My goal is to start making myself get up earlier so I can have more time in the mornings to watch the news, make coffee and breakfast, and not feel so rushed getting out the door.

I’m thinking I have my hands full to keep me busy enough for a while . . . here’s to hoping the motivation and excitement that comes with the start of the new year sticks around for a good bit!!!

Happy 2012!

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