hello, 29, nice to meet you

How shocked I am that I feel GREAT to be 29 today! I was nothing but anxious about my birthday coming up. For so many reasons. But, it came, it went, and it was amazing! I have made new memories and hit a huge milestone in my journey in moving forward.
After coming home from my party last night (or early this morning, rather, haha), instead of crashing right away like perhaps I should have done, I just sat curled up in my living room, watching the cats race around, and thought for a bit.
I thought about my 28th birthday last year (which I remember like it was yesterday, as it was actually a really crummy day). Then, I started to replay the events of my whole 28th year back in my head, how everything unraveled. How subtle it all seemed when I was living it, yet how significant and obvious some events seem to me now. Then I compared it all to where I am today, turning 29. What an incredible difference!!! I’ve lost so many things in the past year, but I’ve gained so much more as a result.
Finally, for the first time, in a long long time, I’m truly happy – on the inside. I can finally look back on the mess of things and not just remind myself of the bright side. I think I’m finally starting to enter the bright side. (I have to say start, because the funny thing about the healing process is that 10 steps forward one day, may mean 11 steps back another, but I am getting there. Definitely getting there.)
Now, 29! Nice to meet you 29, can’t wait to find out what you have in store :).

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