hello june!

And just like that, June is here! This year is passing in the blink of an eye.

Thankfully, amidst the quick flash that was May, I happened upon some great news that will effectively turn my year – and my life, really – around!
First, of course, is the new job that is in the works. Right now, I’m just waiting on all of the pre-screening stuff to process and then I will get a start date. I’m hopeful that will happen by the end of the week. And, it was the job I was really hoping would turn out. I had a great recruitment experience with them, the office is really close by, and I will have some great benefits, that as a single person especially, are uber important to me. So, fingers crossed I get that all squared away b the end of the week!
Second, and most surprising, is the fact that my house is FINALLY closing!!!! I got word late last week that the government office processed our file and is awarding us benefits to meet the close date set for later this month. I was cautiously optimistic at first, but received the official approval letter today, so we’ve met the contingency of the purchase contract and are truly in business! The buyers, or so I was told, are thrilled! They better be. They are getting the deal of a lifetime! As sick as it makes me to think about, I do hope that house brings them much better luck and happiness in life than it did for me.
After both of those turn of events, by the end of this month or perhaps even by the first day of summer, I will actually be 100% free to move on with my life. Hallelujah! The universe didn’t forget about me after all!

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