here comes, THAT girl . . .

So, the parking issues on my floor continue. I took a late lunch today to drop some things off at my dad’s office and grab a bite to eat with my dad. When I came back , my parking space was . . . you know it . . . TAKEN. Really?? Only this time, NOT the camry, the camry has moved over to the spot next to me, and the car I typically see parked in that spot, some Hummer, is now in MY spot. I decide not to write a note, and instead, march down to the office and lodge my complaint.

So, I go downstairs where three of the office employees are just hanging out together and I describe the free-for-all parking situation and the rouge camry that appears to be shifting around cars and causing all the problems. None of them looked too concerned, and actually one guy questioned if I was even using the right spot! Uhhh, what??
Anyway, come to find out though, the Hummer in my spot, doesn’t even belong in the spot next to mine where the camry is. Long story short, they think they are guest cars, and I was given a sign saying my spot is reserved and it directs the person to the office, which I can put on any cars in my spot. (I was told not to write anymore of my personal notes.) I really should just post the sign on the wall in front of my space, but I don’t have any tape, so I’ll just make copies of the sign to keep in my car for now. (OH, and after my rant in the office, I get back upstairs and the Hummer was already gone, so I just moved my car and no more issues today.)
So yeah. That is currently the story of my life. Exciting? Not so much, I know.
This evening I took some comfort food – a box of mac & cheese and some rainbow sherbet – over to Kay’s where we sat out on her patio and chatted. Then we took a little trip to the local Petsmart and Ulta. Now I’m back at home, trying to hold off the blues that like to set in when the sun goes down. Have some laundry in the wash (it’s fixed, valves just weren’t turned on), some reality TV on the tube, and a good book waiting for me before bed.
Blah. And that’s all I have to say about that.


  1. bring more BR31!!!! Always a SUPER FUN time with you 🙂 nighty night

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