holiday thoughts

Christmas is a time when you get homesick – even when you’re home.  ~Carol Nelson
I’ve been feeling a little melancholy this holiday season. Try as I might to shake it, the feeling is buried so deep, I can’t seem to get to the root of it to make it go away. Homesickness is the only way to describe it – homesick for the past when I was a kid and naive to the world; homesick for a future with a possible family of my own I haven’t yet experienced.I suppose it is what it is – a symptom of being single during the most family oriented and couple focused time of year. (I bet, statistically, that dating services, sites, etc. get a lot of traffic in January.)

Anyway – now that’s off my chest . . . I’m looking forward to the final days of Christmas carols, some snowboarding, time with my parents, seeing out of town friends . . . then it’ll be time to pack away the Christmas tree and prepare for ringng in the New Year in no time!

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