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It’s hard to believe that the long Thanksgiving weekend is over. It was a truly fabulous one, though, and returning to work this morning instead of getting the ever-popular, “Gosh, you look tired!” (why do people have to say that?!), someone actually said, “Got some R&R I see? You look refreshed!”
Well, thank you, I feel refreshed!
Wednesday I left work just before lunch and went home to spend the afternoon whipping up my sausage and apple stuffing that I make every year for Thanksgiving. I am not much of a cook, as most of my friends know, so when I declare I’m going to whip something up it’s usually met with a raised eyebrow and a curious smile. (However, I’m happy to report my stuffing was a crowd-pleaser!)
Thanksgiving morning I was up early to pop the stuffing in the oven and gather the troops, He Who Shall Not Be Named, April and Jeremy, to head out to my parents’ house out on the front range. Everyone knows I am from the country, but I think it’s hard for people to picture unless they see it. Especially since I am such a girly-girl, it’s hard for people to imagine me running around outside in the dusty plains, I suppose.
Before our meal at 1:00, I took the troop, dogs included (my parents’ Doogie and Trixie and He Who Shall Not Be Named’s Reiley), out into the field to mingle with our larger four-legged friends Schatz and Myles. It’s easy to forget that not everyone is used to hanging around the large love bugs, so I had fun teaching the gang how to feed carrots to the horses.
After working up an appetite, we went in for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. We stuffed ourselves beyond stuffed, so we had to get back outside for some fresh air and to walk it off. April and Jeremy had fun playing in the barn and He Who Shall Not Be Named got to walk a horse up from the field. And I think I even surprised everyone a bit by hopping on the tractor and turning it on to operate the shovel . . . you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

It was a lovely visit, but we had to head back to the city mid-afternoon to catch up with some other friend’s for dinner #2. It wasn’t easy trying to down a second meal, so I took to drinking wine instead. I proved it was quite possible to get rather tipsy even on a very full stomach of food, and I was out by 9:00 PM that night.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing . . . Black Friday shopping, the first day of skiing, afternoon naps, and a night out at the movies to see The Muppets (a MUST see, so very cute).

On Sunday, we kept with Soup Sunday tradition and I made a Chicken Tortilla Soup to kiss the weekend goodbye. It was surprisingly very good! I think He Who Shall Not Be Named, and I myself, might be gaining some confidence that I might be a decent cook after all!

Tonight I’ve got these decadent treats in the oven for a potluck at work tomorrow (though mine are mint chip, instead of cookies and cream) and I’m looking forward to the work week flying by!!!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! I’m so happy you’re in such a great place right now! We need to catch up!

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