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So, in July I closed on a cute little townhouse for me and Charlie. The size, location, and low-maintenance were a huge draw and seriously I couldn’t have found anything better for this stage in my life. However, it’s been a HUGE task trying to settle in here. For a multitude of reasons.

I think I bit off more than I could chew. I closed and then had to wait for a ton of things to happen before I could move in (carpet, paint, bathroom, etc) and then in the middle of it all I started a new job. So it all felt frantic and rushed and I never took the proper time to unpack the way I normally would. It still doesn’t really feel like home yet.

My house has served mostly as a utility rather than as a refuge the past couple months. I am coming or going or it’s chaos trying to squeeze in chores or fixing Charlie’s lunch or doing laundry . . . times where I’ve just been here relaxing have been next to none. I haven’t really “bonded” with my space, I guess. I suppose it’s just going to take some time.

Anyway. My house though!! I haven’t wanted to share because it’s still not anywhere near the finished product. But when are our homes EVER 100% how we want them? So, I figured I’d give a sneak peek and share what I’ve been up to . . .

Biggest initial project before I moved in was redo my upstairs bathroom. The house had been rented out for years before I bought it, and it was builder’s grade from the ’80s, so it wasn’t in very good shape. With my dad’s help, we tore everything out, painted it, replaced the vanity, mirror, toilet and flooring. I even did the backsplash by myself! And then I had the bathtub refinished.

I am going to sound like a diva here, but this is the smallest bathroom I’ve ever had and it’s not even technically a master since I share it with Charlie (it’s the only bathroom upstairs). I’m really happy I took the time to redo it. If I’m going to be squeezed into such a small space, I want to love it!! At least it’s teaching me to be tidier and to be more mindful about the number of bathroom products I hoard!

Before picture . . .

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After . . .


Not the best pics, ha, but you get the idea!

In the master bedroom, I didn’t do much except paint and take the closet doors off to replace with curtains to open it up (not pictured yet), but I am IN LOVE with my wall color!!!! It’s a subtle lavender (Starry Night, Sherwin Williams) but very soothing and girly!! Eventually, I’d like to change out the fan with something white and more feminine, but that’s not a priority, so you know, somethings have to wait.

Before . . .

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After . . .


Again, horrible pictures, I know. Because, 1) I don’t have the wide angle option on my iPhone, and 2) I’m trying to strategically shoot around my messes!! I’ll do a much better reveal when everything is pretty and clean and in its place.

On the main floor, my dad installed a new light fixture in the dining room, walls were painted, and all new carpet throughout. Eventually I’d love to get the hardwood refinished and stained.

Before . . .

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After . . .



Not the same angles, but again, you get the idea. And the second pic really doesn’t show anything, except I love my yellow chairs. I am not showing my couch because it’s covered with a blanket Carly lives on right now. The dining room is tricky. It’s JUST too small for a traditional sized rectangular dining table. So, I have a table with leaves I can put down to make it fit, but it only seats 3 that way. Thankfully, I don’t need to seat more than that on the regular, but if I do, I can turn the table 90 degrees, flip the leaves up and seat up to 6. I also plan to get rid of Charlie’s high chair and replace with a booster – the high chair is just clutter and has got to go.

(The family/TV room is downstairs, which still needs a lot of work, so it’s not pictured! I have nothing on the walls, it’s serving as a catch-all for a lot of baby toys, and I want to replace my coffee table because it’s way too big for the space.)

In addition to the little touches, I have all new carpet and paint throughout. Here is a good shot of my carpet . . . I love that it’s low pile and easy to maintain! Charlie loves rolling around on it, too, obviously :). (He was upset the other morning because I wasn’t leaving the house fast enough for his liking. Once his shoes are on he’s ready to go. Immediately. #toddlerproblems)


So, that’s a little preview of my new space.

Terrible photography, cranky toddler and all.

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