i can do it!

After today, I feel like getting on my roof top and shouting, “I don’t need no man!”

Kidding! Sort of 🙂 haha

Having been married for the majority of my 20s, I really never had a need to do anything for myself or by myself. It’s not that I couldn’t, I just didn’t have to. Now being on my own (I still can’t say I’m single, rather, I’m “separated”), if I am lazy or don’t do something . . . it just isn’t going to get done. I guess one of the bright sides to all of this – it’s going to force me to get out of my box and become a doer and experience new things.

I was stressing all weekend because my home office equipment, mainly my all-in-one printer and router, had not arrived (well, the printer HAD arrived, but that’s a whole other story), and I was hoping to get it by the weekend so I could have my dad look at it without bothering him on a weekday. Well, so of course I don’t get the stuff until this week, but I asked myself why did I have to wait for someone to come over and do it for me? Why couldn’t I just do it myself? So, I did! And surprisingly? It all works and now I can say I can successfully set up a home network and fax line!

After conquering the Internet super highway, I actually prepared myself dinner tonight for the first time since being here, too. It was all boxed stuff, but it required more effort than I’ve put into a meal for myself in years. It was cheese tortellini and vodka sauce with some salami. And a croissant on the side. Carb city, I know. At some point I’m going to have to start exercising, or at least learn how to make a salad. But, I’ll put those on the to-do list for another day!

Anyway, to celebrate my little wins for the day, I went on a jaunt to Best Buy to look at some DVD shelves (the one item that did NOT make it in one piece from AZ) and to Target to pick up some bubble bath. Best Buy didn’t have what I was envisioning, so I roamed Target for a bit. While I managed to forget the one item I was there to get, I did make out with an amazingly cute pair of ballet flats for $10!

So, it’s the little things right now that are keeping me going. The satisfaction of doing something I’ve never done before. Or finding a Baskin-Robbins just 2.5 miles from my apartment (that was the huge win yesterday!). Or scoring a cheap pair of fun shoes.

Nope, I don’t need no man :).

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