i have arrived

I’ve just weathered what I imagine to be the two worst days of my life. Leaving Arizona and taking the drive back to Colorado proved 1,000 times harder than I could have ever prepared for. Overall, it was a cleansing, therapeutic 13 hours.
My spirits definitely lifted when we passed this sign and entered the gorgeous scenery of Colorado, though! How can anyone not love this state?

My heart got incredibly heavy again passing through Colorado Springs, but once I hit my parents’ area I felt like a bit of the weight had been lifted – I was home!
So, now here I am – I have arrived and am ready to start slowly putting myself back together.
I’m off shortly to get the keys to my new lime green sanctuary. I’m really not in the mood for all of this like I thought I would be, it all just seems so overwhelming and hard, so I’m hopeful that finally seeing my place in person may perk me up a bit. I’m sure more pictures shall follow tonight!


  1. sending tons of happy thoughts your way for your new home! 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures.

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