i wanna quit the gym

Ok, so no surprise. I am giving up on the gym. I just can’t make myself get there and back enough to make my monthly dues worth it (I’m trying to cut back on things, and it was either the gym or cable. The gym lost). I am not letting myself off the hook to exercise, but I just need to find cheaper, quicker ways to do it at home (perhaps turn on a work-out DVD or access the gym in my complex. or even use the great outdoors. ha). So, anyway, I called today to cancel my membership.

me: hi, I want to cancel my membership.

guilt-inducing-phone rep: I’m sorry to hear that you are no longer motivated. I see the last time you accessed the gym was June 17th. What has changed in your life to make you so unmotivated?

me: Nothing has changed. I simply want to quit the gym.

guilt-inducing-phone rep: Well, I can set you up with a free personal training session to get you motivated again.

me: No, thanks. Please just cancel my membership.

guilt-inducing-phone rep: How about adding a household family member to your membership, so someone can go to the gym with you, to get you motivated?

me: No, I am single. It’s just me in my household and I am unmotivated. Please cancel my membership.

guilt-inducing-phone rep: I will place your account on hold for 6 months, it only costs $7 and then you can reactivate when you are more motivated.

me: NO. Cancel my membership, cancel my membership, please just cancel my membership. I will not be motivated to use your gym ever again.

guilt-inducing-phone rep: Okay, I have processed your cancellation.

O. M. G. Talk about humiliating. Yes, I get it. I’m unmotivated and I failed miserably at the gym. I would love to know if that phone rep uses the gym and how motivated SHE is to work out 3-4 times a week, goodness gracious!!!


  1. OMG wow! I wonder how many people they guilt into staying members. Yay for your free complex gym though! You love swimming – you should do some of that before your pool closes for the season!

  2. Wow. I would have gone off on her… You were MUCH more polite than I would have been… Wench. =)

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