Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale
Christmas is just three days away and the season is certainly in full swing here in Colorado after we got slammed with a fair amount of snow yesterday through today . . . over a foot . . . making it a 100% chance it’ll be a lovely White Christmas!!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole month – everyone is so much more mellow and happy and kind and I wonder why we can’t all be like this all year round??
I’ve been super excited all week about Christmas weekend and yesterday I celebrated an early Christmas with He Who Shall Not Be Named since we won’t be spending the weekend together. I made dinner, baked cookies, and we ate, sipped wine and exchanged cards and presents in front of the fire to a Pandora holiday channel. We were both super surprised and happy campers after opening gifts . . . of course He Who Shall Not Be Named was amazing, as he always is, and surprised me with an iPad!!! I am totally obsessed. I told He Who Shall Not Be Named this requires me to have to buy a new purse that will fit it, so I can take it every where (white whine . . . I know).
the aftermath.

Reiley dog is staying with me for the weekend, so I put my iPad down long enough so we could romp outside this morning in the fresh powder. I’m so excited to take him to my parents’ house where we can properly play in the snow. He’s going to be a tired boy!

Reiley trying to bury himself in the snow.

Today I worked from home after coming home at lunch, not wanting to wait and chance the roads as they would inevitable be worse later in the day. Though when I say worked from home, I really mean I took a nap, hung out with Reiley and the cats, and did some laundry instead (while monitoring my work email, of course).

peaceful sunny evening.

Now I’m enjoying a quiet evening in. The cool blue snow, the fire, the smell of another batch of cookies, and surrounded by the love of unconditional pets . . . doesn’t get much better than this!!! I’m also reflective as I realize today is the 22nd, a day that has always served as a marker for me. And looking back tonight, it’s interesting to go back and read my thoughts from 12/22/09 and 12/22/10 . . . and compare them to 2011 . . . each entry representative of the themes of the year leading up to this day . . . in 2009, I was moving on and hopeful for the future. In 2010, I was growing impatient and somewhat losing hope for the future. In 2011 . . . well, I’m simply content. I’ve regained my hope for the future while learning the lesson that you can’t forget to live in the present. What a different a couple of years make!

Merry Christmas!!!

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