I’m a sewing machine!

My parents gave me a sewing machine for my birthday a couple years ago. I immediately took a Sewing 101 class but retained zero of the information. Aside from a failed attempt at hemming some sweatpants, and then He Who Shall Not Be Named jamming my machine when he tried to sew a patch onto a dog toy (don’t ask) . . . my machine hasn’t received much love.

I’ve been going a little winter stir crazy and decided now is finally the time to figure it out. I belong to a June ’14 Mamas group and a handful of the girls were sewing their own crib skirts. I was jealous.

I’d love to have a hobby where I can make things for the house . . . curtains, pillow covers, table runners . . . and perhaps hem and make small repairs to our little boy’s clothes. (A little late for the crib skirt, we JUST placed the order for one.)

And it’s something fun I can easily do quietly at home . . . where I have images of baby happily playing in a jumperoo while I sew amazing Christmas gifts for friends and family. (Again, my first time mom idealism only has a few months left to run through my head, so I’m taking full advantage, haha.)

Anyway, I signed up for a Sewing 101 class at a different craft shop.

I got to the shop early to pick out fabric to make the tote bag they were going to walk us through. I bought extra material to make a second one at home. I knew if I didn’t go home and immediately try to use my machine and make something fresh in my mind there was no hope of the skills sticking.

I was also happy because the teacher was one of the first strangers to comment on my pregnant belly (I’m officially pregnant looking and not just fat, yay!!!!!). When I said I was excited for sewing to be my new hobby she commented how I have someone on the way that might make that difficult. I was a little annoyed at the comment itself (who is she to tell me I won’t have time to sew?! I’m a first time mom, I still think I can do it all!), but I was happy my pregnant belly was finally obvious.

(I hate that the first stranger comment I got was from a Goodwill worker. I was dropping off a few bags of things and he said . . . “Are you pregnant or just fat?” Ugh. Classy.)

During Sewing 101 class we learned how to thread the machine and the basic stitches and then got to work on a tote bag and I created this!

I brought it home and He Who Shall Not Be Named still can’t believe I did it!

The next day, after teaching myself how to thread my own machine, I went to work on a second tote bag.

And I made THIS!

And then, my mom came over and showed me how to hem jeans. I forgot what she said, but thankfully a tutorial online walked me through the same steps.

So then I did THIS!!!

And NOW?

I’m working on a baby swaddle for a friend’s baby shower at the end of the month. (I’ll get her the real swaddles, too, but hoping my swaddle will be good for at least a cute pic or two!)

Next up? Curtains for my sewing/laundry room! Right now I work with my back to a sliding glass door, so I won’t stay in there after dark because it creeps me out.

I’m having a lot of fun though – I love picking out the patterns and fabrics. I initially feared it was such a precise craft I wouldn’t be any good at it. But, thankfully, with seam allowances, that’s just what I need for some room for error so I don’t stress about not being “sew” perfect.


  1. Congrats on your new hobby! Those bags are adorable! I need to take a class on how to make bags. I’m too scared to try one! And the nice thing about sewing is you can stop and start at almost any point so I bet you’ll be able to do it a little after little man gets here! I got my decent machine when Abbie was about 7-8 months old.

  2. I love those bags – perfect for shopping!

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