I’m back! and better than ever!

Wow. I am usually not so bad as to leave my blog for TWO whole months! Eek! I swear, I’m back! And lots of updates are on the horizon!!!!

Honestly, the past couple of months have been INSANE. They have been full of suspense and intense. At times mind bogglingly frustrating. Other times so exciting I can’t handle it.

Today, the last piece finally fell into place of my year long transformation!

Since my blog absense, I’ve sold and moved out of our home. Our divorce finalized. I am starting a new job (one I am CRAZY excited about!). Charlie has settled into his new childcare situation . . . slowly, but surely. (He still turns on the waterworks for drop off, but the second I am out of sight, sometimes as soon as my back is turned, he is a happy camper.)

And, this afternoon, I closed on a new home for Charlie and me (an adorable little townhouse). I’m even going to attempt to do a mini-bathroom remodel by myself this weekend!! (Maybe, ha!)

I mean, life is HAPPENING. This whole year while I was waiting for things to change and waiting to get to the other side of the train wreck . . .  then I blinked and suddenly realized I’ve made it. To the other side. And it feels purposeful and right and it doesn’t even remotely resemble a train wreck.

I’ve always lived by the mantra “things happen for a reason.” But, I feel as though my life now is living proof of how true that is. Life is NOT accidental. At least it doesn’t have to be. It always, always goes on after dealing you a bum hand and if you look in the right places, it can open up opportunities you never even considered or thought possible before.

Seriously though. I know I’ve written a lot of “rah rah rah” posts over the course of the past year on similar topics . . . but today, I believe it and am living it. I have zero regrets about how our marriage turned out. Perhaps because I have gone through a lot of grief and healing and the marriage itself was incredibly brief, but I can look at S today and confidently say, “you are not the one for me. and that’s okay.” And I can do it without hating his face. Even better – I can do it while we gush over our precious Charlie together. That, my friends, is huge.

I just feel good and have a confidence about my current life choices and direction that I don’t know that I’ve necessarily possessed before. I don’t know if it’s just because this isn’t my first rodeo in reinventing my life and I know that things are going to be just fine no matter what . . . or because I’m someone’s mama now and I don’t have the luxury of checking out . . . regardless, I feel great! Probably because I’m pursuing things for ME and only me (well, and Charlie of course, that goes without saying!).

I read an amazing article recently titled, Read This If You’re Worried You’ll Never Find The One. It so eloquently puts how I feel about this phase of my life . . . 

It was powerful and true and my favorite quote from it that I’ll just leave right here . . .

If there’s one thing we all need to stop doing, it’s waiting around for someone else to show up and change our lives. Just be the person you’ve been waiting for. Live your life as if you are the love of it. Because that’s the only thing you know for sure – that through every triumph, every failure, every fear and every gain that you will ever experience until the day you die, you are going to be present. You are going to be the person who shows up to accept your rewards. You are going to be the person who holds your own hand when you’re broken. You are going to be the person who gets yourself up off the floor every time you get knocked down and if those things are not love-of-your-life qualities, I don’t know what are.

Ain’t that the truth!

Stay tuned, I promise more frequent updates now! I’ll be posting my home improvement projects and sharing my little home . . . my house will be getting a mini-facelift before I officially move in!

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