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After a couple months of waiting, and many months of talking about it, I’m finally an official volunteer at my local humane society!!! Next weekend I’ll attend an actual training, and then the week following, on Halloween, will be my first shift!!! After leaving the shelter today from my interview, it was amazing to feel excited and actually be bouncing around about something new in my life. I’m confident my volunteer time is going to help me reboot during this crazy time and give me something I can feel good about to focus on.

The interview wasn’t as hardcore as it sounds, they just want to ensure I’m a good fit for the shelter in that I agree with their philosophies, etc. Then, I got to pick what jobs I was interested in and to match open shifts with my availability. And 0f course I wanted something with the cats (you usually pick either dogs or cats, although some people will chose to go back and forth). Anyway, on the same side of the cats are all the small mammals – the rabbits, gerbils, ferrets, etc. Not many people just chose to work with them, poor little guys, but they ask all the cat people if they are willing to work with small mammals, too, since they are in the same area. To which, I of course said yes!!! (I desperately wanted a rat when I was in 6th grade, but you can’t really have rats, when you have a cat. So now I can pretend I have rats.)
So, to rein in this story and get to my point, I am going to be an adoption counselor! I’ll get to work with the public, screen potential pet parents and help match them with their new best friend (or friends!!). So, I’ll settle them in the greeting rooms, go fetch the kitties (or small mammals) they want to visit with and ensure they would be a good match, etc.
Initially I was thinking I should park myself behind an information desk, since knowing me, I’m going to get emotional about the cats. (And small mammals.) But, I don’t think I could hang around there every week and not get to cart around fuzzy and cuddly creatures. I think the emotionally taxing moments will be far outweighed by the amazingness of getting to send the little guys home with loving people.
Happy TGIF-eve to all, and please, remember to spay and neuter your pets :).


  1. Congrats on getting accepted! Hope you have many happy times with your furry friends!

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