introducing baby . . .

Miss Carly Rae!!!

A three month old aussie shepherd/collie/American mix rescue puppy!

We adopted her tonight!

I’m pretty sure we’ve gone and lost our minds!

We went to a local dog wash to bathe Reiley on Saturday. An animal rescue league was there from Oklahoma with a few litters of puppies they were adopting out. I let He Who Shall Not Be Named manage Reiley’s bath, while I walked around admiring the little critters.

I was trying to get a dachshund’s attention when this little girl came over. She stuck with me and even when I walked away she kept staring at me. When Reiley was done with his bath, we got her out of the puppy pen and sat with her. She was SO sweet and cuddly, alert, and was super interested in us and Reiley.

It was hard not to feel like she picked us. And both He Who Shall Not Be Named and I immediately felt connected to her.

We went out to the parking lot and mulled over the decision for about an hour. Ultimately, we decided now just wasn’t the right time to adopt a puppy. We have a few long weekends planned through the holidays and He Who Shall Not Be Named is traveling so much, it leaves most of the puppy care and training to me and I’ve never raised a puppy!

And, of course, I was worried what the cats would think.

So, we slowly drove away.

Over the next few days we both kept thinking about her.

Yesterday morning He Who Shall Not Be Named and I were IMing each other and we started talking about Carly. He Who Shall Not Be Named said I should call and find out where she is. Without hesitation I said, “ok” and four calls, an email, and two voicemails later we had arranged to adopt her! She didn’t go back to Oklahoma after the adoption event, she remained with a foster mom just 30 miles north east of us.

It all just felt so meant to be . . . we both fell in love with her the day we met her and couldn’t get her off our minds. And as much as we love animals, we know not to bring home every one we meet. She’s a mix of breeds He Who Shall Not Be Named loves and she’s from a great rescue organization that makes me happy. She’s everything both of us would have ever wanted in a new dog for our family.

I thought her name was originally Ana (that was her sister, though) and when we picked her up today, we learned her name was actually Ally. (My dad and He Who Shall Not Be Named call me Ali, so as sweet as it was to learn that was her name, it obviously couldn’t be a keeper!)

So, the name Carly? It’s in honor of singer Carly Rae Jepsen for her song Call Me Maybe . . . adopt me, maybe? 🙂

We got her home after a 45 minute car ride and immediately gave her a bath in the kitchen sink. She didn’t like it so much, but lots of love and treats and letting her run around afterwards made her super happy. She ate her dinner and drank lots of water and was even happily running after Reiley to the door to greet Trick or Treaters within two hours of getting here.

She’s now passed out on a blanket and pillow on the couch.

We’re going to stay up with her a while longer, take her outside for a potty break, then it will be the first night in her crate, which we placed in the family room that has direct line of sight to almost every room on the main floor and we can peek down from the landing outside our bedroom so she’ll never be far from us when she’s in there. (Though, I’m sure we’ll sleep on the floor next to her tonight.)

As for the cats’ reactions?

Well, my older cat Tate, just hissed and walked off back to bed. Toby? He came downstairs on his own to check things out and I held him up to Carly. He was very interested in her and she got super excited and gave him kisses and tried to snuggle. (Then she walked off and almost sat to pee in the living room, so I had to put Toby down to run and get her, but I’d say it was a great first impression for the two.)

So, here we go! Let the adventures in puppyhood begin!

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