it’s a tooth for one!

Someone was busy cutting teeth this week!


He’s been a little off the past week or two, but it’s not unusual for him to get crabby now and again. I just chalked it up to him just being a baby. I mean, it’s hard being a baby! So many milestones to hit! So many new things to look at and do! And no one can understand a word you’re sayin’! I’d get frustrated and be crabby every now and again, too!

Also, Charlie has reflux . . . and a sensitive tummy . . . so, again, crabbiness, gassiness . . . all par for the course with my babe.

Yesterday, I went to the zoo with a couple of my mama friends. We sat for a snack and diaper change and Charlie grabbed my hand and started chewing on my finger. And it was sharp!!! There was a tooth!!! Where did that tooth come from!?

I checked his mouth and sure enough, one tooth was already through, and one right next to it was working it’s way in right behind it.

I seriously had a total first time mom moment. I FREAKED out, and was screaming with excitement – “HE HAS TEETH!!! My little baby has TEETH! No more gummy smiles! TEEEEEEETH!!!!!”

Teeth were NOT on my radar!

I promptly texted baby daddy, Gran, and my bestie. I even recorded a semi-gross video complete with boogers and drool to try and show off his new teeth. (I won’t share it here. I’m a little disappointed in myself for sharing it with anyone. It’s one of those things only a mom can appreciate.)

Today, I checked again and tooth number two is through. When he chews on his wooden teethers you can now hear him chomp.

He’s been SUPER sleepy today. I think the major pain has finally subsided now that both are through the surface. Thankfully, it seems he’s catching up on the sleep he’s been missing out on for the past couple weeks.

(I also have been giving him teething tablets and I SWEAR they work – each time I’ve given them he stops screaming.)

I can’t wait for them to be all the way in and start to show up in his toothy grins!

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