i’ve got a fever

And too bad the only prescription isn’t more cow bell.
The past three weeks of utter crazy that my life has been . . . both personally and professionally . . . culminated yesterday when I came down with a summer cold. I tried to ignore the signs all week, but yesterday it all caught up with me and I was put in my place.
I had plans last night to hit up the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter, but on my drive home from work, when I had to turn on the heater in my car because I was so cold, I realized I probably wasn’t going to be going anywhere for a bit.
I got home and took my temp, which was running at 101.5, and decided I really needed to stay put.
So, I parked myself on the couch and tried to watch some TV (some episodes of Hoarders, specifically, which always helps to make me feel better about my lack of organization and realize it’s not that bad) as I dozed on and off. But, I kept waking myself up because I couldn’t breath and I was making these sad whimpering and moaning noises in my sleep because I hurt so bad (so pathetic, I know).
I realized the things I needed to make me feel better weren’t going to magically appear, as the cats haven’t passed their driver’s license test yet, so I pulled myself together and drug myself to my local Walgreens to try and bring an end some of my suffering.

Orange juice, Theraflu, rainbow sherbet, and a good emotionally charged movie (from redbox, because I’m boycotting Netflix due to their recent price hikes) . . .


With my survival kit assembled, I holed up for the night and ended up fast asleep on the couch. My phones starting waking me up around 8:30, so I blearily worked through a few emails before I was right back out again and didn’t wake up until 1:30.

I haven’t slept that late since I had mono in 11th grade. It felt amazing and now I feel like a million bucks.

(Well, almost. I feel more like $900,000ish.)

I can’t stay holed up alone for more than a day without getting pretty blue, so at least now I am well enough and am not running a fever, so I can leave the house and do a few quiet things with friends this weekend to keep my sanity. (And I am no longer whimpering in pain, so that’s the biggest plus.)

Hopefully, this signifies the end of all the craziness. I look forward to things returning to a more happy, manageable pace.


  1. Do you think it was some 24 hour bug or your body just saying sloowww down, Alison?! I’m glad you’re feeling better now – have a great weekend! Oh, and what movie was it?! I still haven’t watched the new Harry Potter either – I can’t wait til it’s out on DVD and I can watch the whole thing straight through (over several days/weeks, of course).

  2. just a head cold, but i wasn’t caring for it so think my body just wanted me to chill out for a bit! felt like the flu for a moment there. i rented a tyler perry movie, for colored girls. was really amazing!

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