Sunday was a lazy evening, so we turned to Netflix and He Who Shall Not Be Named picked a documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

I hadn’t heard about it and admit I was a little nervous to watch since the last food documentary I watched was Food, Inc. and it turned me into a peskatarian for about six weeks. (Six long, meatless, sad weeks.)

But, I was curious and decided to watch . . . and it was, in fact, pretty interesting. It’s definitely worth a watch for anyone wanting to clean up their eating. Basically, it encourages people to juice fast (with doctor supervision for anywhere from 5 days to two months) and then tells you how to keep a clean eating diet and to factor in exercise to keep up the extreme weight loss it brings on.

I won’t lie . . . it makes me want to juice fast, even if just for several days as a “cleanse” and to kick start some weight loss, but the only cure for my overweight-ness right now is to birth a baby, so . . . I won’t. And since I’ll need to then feed said baby, I likely will not juice cleanse for a long time to come, which is probably good since I get really angry when I’m hungry.


It did inspire He Who Shall Not Be Named to juice and inspired me to use this as a method to get my veggies, since I HATE veggies. So, the next day he came home with a juicer and four bags packed of fresh produce.

We’ve used it a few times a day since and I love it!!! I make a veggie/fruit juice to sip with my breakfast and then I juice a cucumber to mix with my water intake for the day.

My favorite so far is beet, orange, apple and carrot. Though, I haven’t had a concoction I don’t like yet. (Except the stuff with celery. Celery overpowers everything.)

It makes two mason jars, so I have one for me and I save the second for He Who Shall Not Be Named should he stop in around lunch or for him to have when he gets home.

We also make orange juice and apple juice and it’s ssssooooo good. It’s a lot of work and gets a little messy, but so worth it!

And, of course, a bump photo – since that’s really all people care about when you’re pregnant! This was taken on Friday at 28 weeks. And how can I blog without a pregnancy update?!

It’s getting really hard to dress for cold weather – I can’t wait for the mild weather to stick around. I really don’t want to buy more maternity clothes for cooler weather and I’m tapping out on options.

I’m ready to live in maxi dresses to finish things out!!!


  1. You look super adorable! I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy is flying by! Casey did the juice fast for 10 days after watching that doc and it really kick started his weight loss and coupled with running he lost 50 pounds in about 6 months!

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