just like riding a bike

Saturday snowboarding went better than anticipated. On most counts, anyway.

Despite stop and go traffic the whole way up to Breckenridge, and a fender bender a quarter of a mile from the parking lot that sent Dan’s car away on a tow truck (everyone was fine, it was a road condition induced and a ticket wasn’t issued), the day went pretty well. It certainly wasn’t like going back to basics and I picked back up on the concept of boarding reasonably well, all things considered. I just need a new pair of boots (mine are ill fitting and put my feet to sleep) and I think I’ll be up to speed and ripping down blues and perhaps some mild blacks by the end of this season. If I’m lucky.

So, all in all, I’d say it really was just like riding a bike.

The best part of the day was just being in the snow. I am definitely a winter girl at heart.

Now if only the snow would arrive here in the city . . .

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