just sayin’

If you’re going to fill out an online dating profile, I recommend you leave off the pics of you with your wedding ring. I mean, that’s cool if you’re divorced. We all know I am not one to judge. But, posing with the ring on . . . makes me wonder if you’re still married, or that you haven’t done anything interesting since being married and have no new photos. Or, that this photo is so out-dated from your starter marriage 10 years ago and you look even more frightening in present day.
Oh, and another tip . . . when posing in photos with random children, it’s always best to caption it with, “This is my cutie little nephew!” or “This is my God child!” Never a good idea to just leave it out there hanging for viewers to wonder if you’re a dad . . . married, potentially, in this case . . . or not.

Just sayin’.


  1. I totally agree! It also makes you wonder who’s taking the picture!

  2. haha JUST SAYIN’!!!!

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