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I seriously LOVE my baby so much! I can’t say it enough! He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on!
Life has definitely been turned upside-down having him home. The past few weeks have been a blur. I hardly have time to sit down and do anything that doesn’t involve rocking, feeding, pumping, burping, laundering, bottle washing or changing. Sleep is elusive. Getting three – four hours straight through is a very rare treat.
(We’ve received so many thoughtful gifts and I am working on thank you notes I swear – I’m so sorry they are so late going out the door!)
Family time!
blue steel!
Charlie is slowly spending more awake time with us during the day, which has been really fun! It’s still not much, but that’s normal. Being a preemie, he requires a lot more sleep until an older age because his brain is still developing and other things are still growing and maturing that should have happened in the womb. So, sleep is SO very important for a preemie (all babies of course, but preemies especially in the early months) especially up until his due date, so I am always panicked about things disturbing him or when he gets overstimulated and has a hard time winding down.
We’ve attempted some naps in the crib, but he never quite settles in (he hates being swaddled) and just stares wide-eyed into space unable to drift off like this . . .
Then it usually ends like this . . . so I’m just giving up on the crib for now since it’s not worth him losing sleep over.

Aside from lots of sleeping, he is also doing LOTS of eating. He consistently takes 2 ounces at every meal (he eats every 2-3 hours, he also asks for it, we’ve never had to wake him up to eat) and sometimes will still be hungry and take up to another ounce.

He hit six weeks this past Wednesday and also hit the 7 lb mark!!!! He’s still in newborn sized clothes, but there are some brands we have that run small that he just grew out of. It will be a while yet before he’s fitting well into 0-3 month items, but that’s ok – it’s making me sad he’s getting so big, I’m fine with him being tiny just a little longer!

Last weekend, I got really really sick with mastitis. He Who Shall Not Be Named was out of town (his first trip away since baby and only for 36 hours!) and I could hardly pick myself off the floor within hours of him leaving. (Seriously, everything falls apart when he’s gone! I go into labor . . . get really sick . . . oy.)

I had to call my mom over to take care of Charlie. When she got to my house, I was curled up in the nursery glider, crying my eyes out. I seriously couldn’t even function and felt like I was dying. It was like having a bad flu.  I kept spiking a fever close to 103 degrees, and had severe body aches, chills and breast pain. I got on antibiotics and finally started feeling better within 24 hours once my fever broke.

This week we also started getting out of the house more – we’ve made a quick trip to visit He Who Shall Not Be Named’s office, went to Target, had a lunch date, and to the park. Charlie has slept through it all! (We make sure to leave the house right after a diaper change and meal!!!!)

Overall, we’ve had a lot of fun adjusting to life at home with baby! It’s amazing how much I can function on so little sleep. I was worried, too, because I have never been one to do well on anything other than a solid 8+ hours.

(Guess I was lucky to sleep so much and so well while pregnant, since that’s the last good sleep I’ll have for the next 18 years!!!)


  1. He’s such a cutie! Love his crib sheet! Hope you get more sleep soon!

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