Lord have mercy.

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I. Am. Exhausted.

Like, exhausted.

I’ve spent the past month moving, remodeling, starting a new job . . . and trying to wrangle a toddler, a dog, a cat . . . all while trying to ensure my hair is washed and that I’m getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night in the process.

I’m so tired. How do people do this?!

Being a single working mom is no joke. I know it’s just another day for so many women. And I’m hoping I’ll adjust and get into the swing of it soon and then it’ll be no big deal to me, too. But right now, in these new days, I’m struggling. There is just no room for error in my schedule – I can’t afford to procrastinate on that load of laundry that has his swim gear in it that he needs for splash day at school the next morning. I can’t risk running out of milk or oversleeping on my alarm. I’m petrified to hit the snooze button, actually, because getting up a minute late throws not only my routine, but Charlie’s, too. I used to hit snooze like 5 times . . . now? I’m jumping out of bed before the alarm (which, hollers at me at 5:07 AM) wakes the baby . . . and I spring to action, feeding the dog, getting her outside, trying to quietly shower and get myself dressed before I need to wrestle the baby to get him fed and dressed and in the car. (He’s started a lovely new habit of SCREAMING in the car on the way in the morning.)

After work, it’s a sprint to get to day care and fight traffic, hoping Charlie doesn’t fall into too deep of a sleep on the way home . . . then, when I do get home – I can hardly kick my uncomfortable heels off before I have to get the dog out, throw together a dinner for Charlie (thank goodness he loves PB&J), and start the crazy nighttime routine where it’s just GO GO GO until I put Charlie down. Once he’s down, I have to plan what I need for the next day – do laundry, get organized . . . all so I can get up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again.

I know it’ll get easier, especially as Charlie gets older, stays up longer and then time with him won’t be so condensed and chaotic . . . but, yesterday at work I seriously sat there for a minute and my head literally was spinning. So much to do and no time. I need to go to the Apple store and brave the Genius Bar to get my phone screen (which is currently shattered) fixed, my car is overdue for an oil change, I need to do yard work or hire someone to fix my yard because it’s got WAAAYY too much landscaping and Carly hates it . . .


Anyway. No real point to any of this. Except this is where I am and this is what is going on. Transitioning to a single working mom is kicking my butt a little bit. But, as with anything in life, this phase is fleeting. One day soon I’ll be completely settled in my new home, the big projects will be done, I’ll be in a routine, and I’ll be wishing time would slow down because Charlie is going to grow up so fast!!

And I REALLY want to share my before and after pics of my new place!!! I just need to get to a good after stopping point!!! SOON . . . very soon. Just waiting to get my kitchen backsplash in and then the major work is over!! YAY!

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