First things first – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have NEVER woken up on a New Year’s Day and been SO excited for an upcoming year!!! THIS is the year I will [hopefully and God willing] become a MOTHER! It chokes me up just thinking about it!

In other baby news . . .

This is my 15th week and the week everything fell apart last time. I was petrified of history repeating itself, even though I had no reason to believe it would.

Lo and behold, on the day after Christmas – on the SAME day timeline wise as my last pregnancy – I had a bit of a scare. I called my doctor and immediately got in. We didn’t get an ultrasound that day, but she checked me out, we listened to the heartbeat and she ASSURED me I was just fine.

I already had an appointment scheduled for yesterday, so I just had to wait one week to check in on baby again. Coincidentally, yesterday also marked the day AFTER I had my surgery in my last pregnancy . . . so technically I hit the milestone of being the most pregnant I’ve ever been and am now in new territory!!!!

My mom came with me to my appointment yesterday. It was really special to have her there and see the ultrasound and hear his heartbeat. Baby was curled up and snuggled down tight, sleeping, but once I laughed at something he woke right up and took two huge stretches! He rolled around and we got another great shot to confirm that is is still in fact 100% BOY!

At the end of the scan, he got the hiccups! Really cute to see – and reassuring – because it means his diaphragm is in tact.

He measured a couple days ahead and looks as healthy as a horse so far! He has a big chubby tummy, which apparently means the placenta is working well and he’s getting his nutrients.

Also, after my scare and given my history, my doctor decided to have me come in every two weeks for an ultrasound until 24 weeks just to reassure me and to ensure everything is still progressing normally. So, I get to see him in two weeks again!!! I can’t wait!

I’m finally starting to calm down – my belly continues to grow and I just can’t wait to meet this little guy in 5 months!!!!!!

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