milk ‘n cookies

I had a craving for some cookies this evening and remembered a super easy recipe Kelly told me about a few months ago. All you need is sugar, 1 egg and some peanut butter. And a working oven. Surprisingly, I had everything, so I gave them a whirl. I decided that since the cookies are comprised of mostly peanut butter, they would constitute a fairly healthy dinner. They turned out very chewy and very tasty! (Shauna: you must try these!!!) I was just extremely disappointed when I took a swig of my milk and it tasted really . . . weird. It hadn’t gone bad weird, I don’t know what kind of weird. It was suppose to be good until September 1st, so who knows, but that is getting thrown out.

Anyway, so my milk ‘n cookies dinner turned into water ‘n cookies. And a piece of salami sandwich meat. And a handful of popcorn from a bag I popped earlier today. And I’m thinking about making some jello . . .


  1. mmm yummy! love the little frog

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