Mother’s Day and 34 weeks!

It’s Charlie update time! I should be taking a nap right about now, but I have some down time and I know if I don’t use it to do something productive (like update the blog with Charlie progress!) I know I’ll regret it.
Today marks one week since I’ve been home form the hospital and a lot has happened! We’re still at least 3-4 weeks-ish away from bringing him home, but we made a lot of progress this week, such as:
– Charlie crossed the 5 lb mark! (His weight has never been an issue since he’s measured ahead most of the pregnancy – unfortunately there are so many other milestones to hit to going home other than just size.)
– Charlie moved from the incubator to an open air crib, which means he started wearing clothes!
– Charlie’s feeds were ramped up enough that he got to get his IV with nutrients removed. That means he’s just on monitors and his feeding tube, so he’s much easier to get in and out of the crib without help.
– The NICU rearranged beds and Charlie got moved into the only private room! I’m the breastfeeding mom in there who has the longest stay ahead of us, so that’s why we scored that nice space.
– We celebrated our first Mother’s Day together!
I have about 90% of my mobility back after the c-section. My incision only hurts if I bend completely over to pick something up (just learned that the hard way). Only other annoying pain is a pinched nerve in my lower back, which makes me limp a little. I’m not really sure what it’s from – maybe from over compensating in other areas since I haven’t been able to use my core muscles or possibly from bad posture from pumping and laying in the recliner with Charlie? Who knows, but hope it heals soon!!!
Overall, a c-section really wasn’t as bad as I would have thought. I mean, it’s still major abdominal surgery and no cake walk, but I’ve healed quicker than I anticipated. And I’ll admit it, after how crazy I was about wanting such a natural birth – I will happily schedule a c-section for my future [possible] pregnancies. (There, He Who Shall Not Be Named, I said it!)
I started to get into a schedule this week. Took a few days to figure out what was going to work – but I’m spending 7-9 hours there a day. I will even start spending nights there the closer he gets to coming home, so I can be there for the majority of his feeding times.
He Who Shall Not Be Named still has a lot of things going on at work and he’s been taking care of the house and animals so he’s back and forth between home and office and pops in when he can to say hi.  Then he also visits Charlie for his 9 PM feeding every night. That gives them guy time and also allows me to use the evenings to breathe and relax knowing Charlie has his dad there.
And the sweet card the NICU nurses made for all the moms.
My first Mother’s Day!
Holding him really puts into perspective his tiny size.
Charlie in an outfit from his friend Rylan (Whitney’s baby boy)
Charlie in another look – this one from Auntie April

For my first Mother’s Day, He Who Shall Not Be Named surprised me with tickets to the musical Once. We went last night. I had TONS of mommy guilt about going, but it felt really good to go do something normal. He Who Shall Not Be Named loves to joke we have the best babysitters right now. I mean, it really doesn’t get better than neonatal professionals, I suppose!

It was a GREAT show – and when it was over, He Who Shall Not Be Named dropped me off at home and he went on to the hospital to see Charlie at 11 PM so he didn’t miss his visit for the day. Well, you can’t just “pop in” to see Charlie. He’s way too cute . . . so He Who Shall Not Be Named ended up staying until 2 AM. I love getting photos and FaceTime calls from my boys during their visits!

This coming week should be full of more wonderful progress (34 weeks!) – Charlie will be getting his first bottle sometime in the next couple of days and I can’t wait to see how he does! He suffers from some pretty bad acid reflux, so they had to cut the amount he was getting fed back a little and spread it out over a long time (90 minutes). He is also getting a milk fortifier added to my milk to help him put on weight and get the nutrients he should have gotten from me in utero in the 3rd tri.

In the meantime, we’re just continuing to settle into our new normal. He Who Shall Not Be Named has been amazing – he totally nested right after Charlie was born. He got our house deep cleaned and hired housecleaners to come every other week, he got our cars detailed, he cleaned the laundry room and installed a new counter/laundry sorting system, and he’s doing all our grocery shopping and cooking and making sure I have delicious healthy snacks (pumping makes me RAVENOUS!!!!).

I’m so lucky right now in that all I have to focus on is taking care of myself and being there for my baby.

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