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The past two days have been very productive. Staying really busy and having things to do has helped. I think that is going to be key for me in this transitional phase! Slowly, but surely, I am getting everything put together.

I got a lot of the necessity shopping completed already. I have to say, it’s weird making decisions when I don’t have anyone else to consult. At first it was really overwhelming and made shopping a bit of a chore, but it didn’t take me long to find my stride and start to enjoy picking things for just me.

This morning I was up at 5:30 am out of anxiety for having to be to my apartment early to wait for service people. (And due in part to the fact my parents’ household starts bustling at 4:30 am.) It felt like my first day of school, though, I had the little butterflies and all. Mostly because it was only my second time going up there and the building is confusing and was just worried my key fob wouldn’t open the parking gate, etc. All silly anxieties, but I managed to put on the big girl pants and got myself there just fine, of course. Although, only to find some friendly neighbor decided to steal my assigned parking space. I waited until they left and moved my car and left it there until they came back, so hopefully the offender will know that spot is taken now. Oh, the joys of apartment living :).

So, I spent some time at the apartment today waiting for service people and putting away the few items I purchased. Kay dropped in and we had some lunch and some laughs, which was much needed. I headed back to my parents tonight where my mom fed me a nice home cooked meal . . . with cotton candy for dessert. Life could be worse :).

Here are a few pictures to catalog the progress. (And, yes, I realize the wall is more “olive”, but for the sake of everything I had been told and built up in my head, it will forever be “lime.”)

My lime wall, with a few nick nacks awaiting their place.

My new colorful kitchen rug:

My even more colorful bathroom:

And my first ice cubes!!!! I waited all day for these puppies to arrive!

Tomorrow my couch arrives, and then in the afternoon, my PODS will arrive at my parents’ house! We’ll unload and reload onto a uhaul and then do all the big, final things on Friday.
I am just anxious to get my little space in this world organized and sorted out. Baby steps.


  1. Loving everything so far! Can’t wait to see it in person…3 more days!

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