my blonde shadow.

Perhaps it’s because of all the commotion that’s been going on – Carly leaving, taking him to Iowa, leaving him with my parents for a weekend, and now coming home and it’s just him and me – but, Reiley has been insanely clingy lately.
Every now and again he goes into clingy mode, where he likes to sit on the couch by us or on our feet, but this week, he’s taken it to a new level – I call it Velcro Doodle.
Everywhere I go, he goes. And he can’t just be in the same room, he has to be in my personal space. If I sit down, he will come over and sit on top of me. I was even vacuuming and he is deathly afraid of anything with a cord, but he was standing right there next to me. Just staring.
The first day it happened, I was panicked something was wrong. I was googling things and I was convinced he was suffering from bloat and his stomach was going to twist. I even took him for a long walk in the dark in the middle of a snow storm to get him moving. Of course, he was happy as a clam on the walk and exhibited no signs of stomach distress.
But, we got back in the house and he went right back to Velcro Doodle mode, so I called an emergency vet to ask for advice. They said he didn’t have bloat, he had no symptoms of it, and that for “peace of mind” I could bring him in, if I wanted.
I thought it through a little longer and decided running to an emergency vet late at night for “peace of mind” probably was a bad idea.
And it would have been, because he’s just fine.
He just thinks he’s made of velcro.
I’m excited to bring Carly home and I think that will be the cure for his neediness . . . two more hours!!!!
watching me clean a bathroom.
having to sit on top of me while watching TV.
leaning on me while I’m in the kitchen.
watching me while I talk on the phone.
watching me clean another bathroom.


  1. That’s adorable! He’s SO cute! I want one!

  2. He’s a mama’s boy for sure!

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