my favorite place.

Charlie’s nursery has quickly become my favorite space. Not just in our house, but of any place ever.
It was slow to evolve and then when he surprised us with his early arrival, and then surprised us with his early discharge, it was a whirlwind finishing it all up. I love so much how this room turned out and it was truly a collaborative effort between He Who Shall Not Be Named and me.
The theme, obviously, is travel . . .
For our baby shower that never was – April had a banner made (my only pregnant diva request was a banner for our shower!). She did one in colors to match our nursery so we could use it after the party.
Let the adventures begin . . . 
Charlie doesn’t sleep in his crib yet. At least once every other day I’ll pop him in there and try to get him to rest. (Don’t worry folks, I don’t leave him unattended on his pillow or with loose blankets.) So far he just likes to hang out with a pacifier and will only doze for a few minutes here or there before screaming.
Yesterday, after his two month shots, he was so sleepy he actually spent about 30 minutes in there snoozing – but he’s a really active sleeper, so the nap ended when I left the room and returned 2 minutes later to him screaming and his legs dangling out of the slats! Breathable bumpers were ordered within the hour! Crazy kid!
When I’m not plopping him in his crib, we’re usually hanging out in the glider – my most favorite chair. It’s actually very cozy – it glides and reclines. We sleep in this chair A LOT, wrapped up in the Dr. Seuss quilt my mom (Gran) made for Charlie. I’m able to put the boppy on my lap and create a little nest for Charlie so I don’t have to worry about him rolling out when I fall asleep. He is such a cuddler – he’d be content to be attached to me all day if I let him. (It’s tempting – and somedays I do wear him and hold him the majority of the time, especially days when he’s fussy and it’s the only way either one of us are going to get any sleep.) But, he’s getting heavier and it’s not feasible to be held 24/7, so I do ensure he gets lots of rest in his portable chair napper (his Rock n Play) – the only other place he’ll relax and sleep well.
When we’re not rocking, we’re at the changing table.

We spend lots and lots of time at this table. The child seriously goes through hoards of diapers. More than they estimate for this age. He likes to wait until he’s on the table to finish going, so we often go through up to 4 diapers before we’re totally cleaned up.

There have been times I have yelled for He Who Shall Not Be Named because I need an extra set of hands to complete diaper change! He Who Shall Not Be Named can change a diaper crazy fast – but I take my time and sometimes it can get a little out of control. I’m just obsessive about getting him clean and dry and putting on products in a very specific order and way – Charlie gets bad bad diaper rash really fast if I don’t!


But, enough about my baby’s bum.


The nursery is just so cozy and peaceful and I love having such a special place to spend quiet moments with my little man. Even when I am exhausted and running on a few hours of broken sleep, I’m never in a hurry to get back to bed when I’m curled up in the glider with him rocking and soothing him to sleep.

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