my hopes for a husband

As I prepare to wrap up this blog project and move on to a new one, I remembered I had posted a blog some time ago about what I wanted in my future husband. I haven’t read it since I started dating He Who Shall Not Be Named, but I went back and found it today . . . I posted it when I was blogging during my “30 days until 30” experiment.(Ironically enough, I had already met him at this time and we were becoming friends. Just goes to show love can pop up in places you least expect it.)

I suppose the only thing that wasn’t true about my prediction . . . well, it took me a little longer to take off my “cynical hat.” And . . .
we’re certainly not eloping . . . and while I can’t prove yet that we’ll have the world’s cutest babies . . . well, we’re pretty certain they will be ;).

Read my future husband hopes and predictions here.


  1. This is the one and only time I can say, unabashedly, “I told you so; I told you so.”


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