The “first day of school” nerves have definitely hit me this evening. Thinking about getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and going into an office is terrifying me. I feel like a hermit who has been away from civilization for so long, I am going to feel out of place. It’s only been shy of a year since I’ve worked in an office, but to me, it feels like an eternity.

While working from home definitely wasn’t my thing long term and it was hindering my career development – I already really miss my home office. Walking past my desk . . . it’s so empty and sad.
I had so much flexibility with my old job. I’m already stressing about running little errands or making certain appointments. I’m already sad I won’t get to chat on the phone or catch up on a TV show at a random time during the day. Or have my mom come over for lunch and not have to keep one eye on the clock to punch back to work. I’m going to have to be a lot more disciplined about my time outside of work, too – I won’t be able to clean my kitchen while I’m on a conference call anymore or do all my laundry over the course of work hours so I have something to wear out that night.
And I feel so guilty leaving the cats. They are used to having a stay at home mom, what will they do all day now without me?? They interact with me a lot during the day, it’s going to be a change for them as well.
*deep breath*
In the long haul, I made the right move. I know I’ll be much happier seeing people in the office and working towards new career goals. Maybe I’ll lose some weight for being a little more active and I’ll be more productive with my time, since I’ll have less of it. But, it’s still an adjustment and something new, hence the worries and anxieties – all of which will be dispelled tomorrow, though, so time to get on my big girl pants and go to bed!!!
Wish me luck!

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