new home sweet home

I spent all day yesterday and today getting myself moved. My mom helped yesterday, and then I had the usual suspects . . . Kay, April, Jeremy, and Dan . . . help today. My parents dropped my cats off (they went away for a few days so they wouldn’t be in the way) this evening and I roped my dad into helping me hang stuff on my walls. Now the madness has quieted, everyone has gone, and I’m sitting in my old empty apartment, on the kitchen island, to get my internet fix because my wireless isn’t switched over yet to the new place (I tried to get to my network from my new place, but no such luck).
It’s such a very eerie feeling sitting in here alone. It was fine when my friends were here, my bit of comfort and familiarity in this world, but walking back in here alone was a sock to the stomach. I was having a hard time sitting around my new place alone, too, I have to keep in constant motion or I get so crazy anxious. This always happens to me when my environment changes; I feel this way every time I move. Even the cats are walking around crying, trying to figure out their new surroundings. Hopefully in a few days I’ll lose the crazy and we’ll all feel better and settled and be back in a normal routine.
With this move . . . I also ditched my lime green, and my red, wall. (No, my blog theme won’t change. 🙂 I now have charcoal and blue. I snapped some quick shots to give people a feel for my new surroundings, though excuse the obvious messes, especially in the bedroom and kitchen. You can click to enlarge:
living room area. view from bedroom door.
dining room. view from coffee table.
living room again, from kitchen.
fireplace and TV, view from papazon chair.
my little dining area. view from bedroom door.
kitchen. exact same as my old one, just different layout. i much prefer this one.
bedroom, last to unpack.
bathroom. identical to my last one, layout and all, just slightly larger dimensions.

I really love my new apartment. It was hard to downsize, though – I lost a lot of closet space. I’m pretty much maxed out, and to get anything new, I am going to have to purge some things. It was a great motivator to get rid of a bunch of stuff already, but I think I need to be a lot more discriminating and go back through my clothes and shoes. The actual square footage loss hasn’t been bad, I think it makes for a cozier set-up. The $2,600 cost savings over the course of my lease, though, was really what made making this move worth it.

I’m hoping this change will also signify other exciting changes this year. The consensus is there is a great vibe in my new place, so I’ll go with that :).


  1. I like it! I like it a lot!!! I can’t wait to come up and visit in the new place!

  2. Everything looks great! I love the new wall colors will definitely give a different feel to the place. I can’t wait to see it in person! And yay to savings! $2600 is HUGE!

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