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The amazing thing about the love for a child . . . you think you can never love the little guy MORE than you do . . . and then you wake up the next day even more in love and obsessed than the day before. It’s WILD.

Charlie will be 16 months in just a week and a half – wwhhaaat!?!? I haven’t done a dedicated Charlie update since he turned 1 . . . so here we go . . .

Charlie has entered such a sweet and cute phase. He’s officially WALKING – as in walks more than crawls! He’s still figuring out how to stand up from the floor without pulling up on something, but he’s a fairly steady walker now and he’ll even carry stuff around while he walks, which I get a total kick out of and think is the cutest thing ever!

He’s a very good little eater. He especially loves fruits (I mean, who wouldn’t?). He’s a total cookie monster, especially anything chocolate, and if he so much as sees a cookie package he’s all over it. He also loves sharing his food with Carly. He holds out his hand and looks for her. Once she was outside, and he had some food for her, but he spotted Tate instead and tried to get Tate to eat some banana. When Tate wouldn’t take it (of course, because he’s a cat and doesn’t care about table scraps) Charlie tossed it on his back. Poor cat.

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Charlie seems to love our new house. He gets really happy whenever we get home from somewhere. I have lots of baby gates up and so I can let him roam and not have to chase him around every second he’s let loose. He finally learned how to get off the coach and also go downstairs – but he still needs supervision because he’ll forget and decide to dive headfirst for sport.

I am loving our neighborhood – it’s very walkable so every night after dinner I pop him in the stroller and we take Carly for a stroll. It’s right before bedtime when Charlie is doze-y . . . and he just kicks back and smiles the entire ride.

My very favorite thing in the entire world right now is when he walks over to me and sits in my lap. Tonight getting him ready for bed, I had his toothbrush ready, I sat on the floor and showed it to him and came over, backed up, and sat on my lap so we could brush his teeth. There are so many adorable moments, sometimes they catch me off guard and bring tears to my eyes. I love him ssssoooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie is changing schools at the end of the month . . . where he is currently just isn’t working out logistically anymore for my home and office locations. It was SUCH a hard decision, because he’s doing so well where he is and I love them, but I didn’t love all the driving in rush hour. Neither did Charlie.

I do have a wonderful feeling about his new school, they have rave reviews, and he’ll be in the same classroom for a whole year – so no transitions, which is GREAT. Charlie has a hard time with change and it takes him a while to warm up to new teachers. He’s super routine based – he likes doing things in the same order, every day. I’m not looking forward to the school transition, but I know in the long run it will be for the best. Making adult decisions for your kids is HARD.

He’s developing in leaps and bounds . . . he can sign for “milk”, which comes in very handy, and his teachers say he also can sign for “more” and “all done” but I haven’t picked up on how he does it yet, whoops. Verbally, he doesn’t have any words, but I’m hoping in a few months he’ll start exploding. He can repeat “cat”, “dog”, “mama”, “dada”, “yeah”, “okay”. But, I don’t think he makes any connection to what they actually mean. Though, he DOES show understanding to certain phrases – like, “It’s night night time!” And he’ll head to his room. Or, “Where’s the cat?!” And he’ll seek out Tate. And he babbles A LOT. He has his own little language and tells stories, asks questions . . . it’s super cute. I’m going to give him a couple more months, but if he doesn’t have ANY words by 18 months (16 months adjusted) then I think we’ll get a speech eval and might pursue some speech therapy. Can’t hurt!!!

At his 15 month appt. at the end of July, he weighed 19 lbs 9 oz (8th %tile) and 28.25 inches (not on the chart).  And his melon head is slowly getting not so big . . . it was in the 70-something %tile. And not 80s like usual.

He’s in size 3 diapers, size 2 shoes, and 9-12 month clothes.

(I know a lot of this is boring!! But, if I don’t document it all somewhere – I’ll forget it!!!)

He’s just such a little character. He’s a very sweet kid, I think he’s going to continue to have a really awesome disposition.

Work is going well and we just continue to settle in to the house and get used to our new routine.

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