our story: part 2

Last Tuesday, I’d had a crazy hectic day at work. I was stressed and annoyed and pretty worked up. I was excited to go home, where He Who Shall Not Be Named had said he’d cook me dinner and then we planned to have a quiet night catching up on some episodes of our favorite show: How I Met Your Mother.I was running late, and He Who Shall Not Be Named called right before I left the office asking if I could pick up some sugar. He was 2 minutes away from a grocery store, so why he didn’t run out to grab it, I had no clue. But, I agreed, and on the way to pick up sugar I called April to unload about my day. She convinced me to just let it all go, go home and be sweet to He Who Shall Not Be Named (who was leaving early the next morning for Costa Rica for work, I wasn’t joining him until Friday). She managed to throw in how I should be extra sensitive to him that night, that we all know he’s planning a proposal and a little stressed out from it all and could be acting a little weird, so just to let him be and enjoy his company.

I got home with the sugar (which He Who Shall Not Be Named just put away in the cupboard and didn’t use, odd) and He Who Shall Not Be Named was right in the middle of making dinner from scratch . . . ham and cheese waffles! He was acting a little weird and trying to fill him in on our day and catch up actually felt more like a first date. I remembered what April said and decided he was just getting anxious and ignored his odd behavior.

Dinner was ready and the waffles were AWESOME!!! I inhaled two and asked He Who Shall Not Be Named to put on some more. He was a little hesitant to make more, which again, was odd to me, since we had a ton of batter, but I let it slide. He finally made a couple more and I inhaled another waffle while he set up his laptop to connect to the TV so we could watch some episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I settled in on the couch, with iPad on my lap, when He Who Shall Not Be Named asked if I was going to actually pay attention to the TV, or have my face buried in the iPad. Again, odd, because we always have our iPads or laptops open (what are we up to now, like 4 oddities, yet I still wasn’t catching on, really thanks to April’s explanation of him just being jittery over things in general).

It was when I put my iPad down and scooted over to sit by He Who Shall Not Be Named when I finally had a small inkling something might, just might, be up. His heart was beating super fast, he was burning up (he will not admit he was burning up, so I guess we’ll never know the truth), and he was fidgety in a nervous way. The opening credits to the show came on, but then the picture started getting funky and eventually snow came on the screen and it went black. He was fiddling with the cords on the laptop, saying there was a connection issue . . . when suddenly, the video below came on and started playing . . .

How I Met Alison on Vimeo.

I was in complete shock, even for a girl who knew this moment was coming, I was in complete shock and surprise and in awe . . . I just remember burying my face in a throw blanket and hyperventilating in excitement. When the video was over, I could barely breathe, and He Who Shall Not Be Named had to work really hard to get me to focus so he could even recite his speech and ask the question . . . he had had the ring box hiding on the side table and he had it out. I was shocked and crazy excited and paralyzed in my seat, so he was unable to manuver around me to get down on his knee. (I sort of feel bad about that.)

I finally let him speak and he said all the amazingly sweet things a girl hopes to hear and he asked me to marry him . . . again, still paralyzed and overcome with sheer elation, I could barely form a sentence. (Several days later, he jokingly asked me again, since I never officially said yes!)

In all my excitement it took a few minutes for me to calm down enough to even look at the gorgeous ring he was holding . . . and I was shaking so hard we had a hard time putting it on. But, the ring, which I had little input on as we didn’t discuss what I liked much at all, was amazing and just blew me away . . . he had it custom designed and he simply knocked it out of the park.

After we shared in the excitement together for about 10 or 15 minutes . . . He Who Shall Not Be Named revealed that some of our closest friends, April (who is in the video!!!) and Jeremy, and Jason (also in the video!!!!!) and Melissa were on stand by to come over for a champagne toast! So, we alerted them it was time to head on over and He Who Shall Not Be Named and I began making all the excited calls and texts to our family and friends!!! (He Who Shall Not Be Named had informed my parents earlier that day, so they knew to be by the phone!)

The four of them came over, and the best part was getting to squeal with April in excitement . . . having her in on the whole thing was super exciting, how she held in all that info is beyond me, I would have exploded!!!

For two hours after it was just total chaos . . . but, the best imaginable chaos of happiness and excitement . . . there was even a huge production as we made it official on Facebook. The out pouring of well wishes from all our family and friends was just incredible.

Later that week, I flew down to Costa Rica where we spent a long weekend relaxing in the rain forest by the ocean (more on that dream later!) where we got to decompress from everything and spend some quality time together, away from wireless devices, to enjoy this exciting time!!!

Now, I’m back to the daily grind . . . but still so much more to come as I’m moving into our new place this week and then the wedding planning will soon kick into full gear!

So, that my friends, is our story and all of the latest news . . . now, I’ll try to update a lot more often, I’m sure I have some more funny tales to share about this whole process and more will unfold, I’m sure :).

And, I do have plans to eventually migrate over to another blog site soon, too. I tried to talk He Who Shall Not Be Named to come over here and guest blog, but decided to start a new site together instead. If he’ll actually blog with me over over there, only time will tell, haha.

So, stay tuned for so much more to come :).

(Oh, side note, he had asked me to go get the sugar, because the video wasn’t finished rendering yet and he hadn’t even seen the finished product. So, he needed to buy some time to deal with it before I got home. That makes me laugh . . . leave it to He Who Shall Not Be Named to have things so last minute, yet he always manages to pull things off flawlessly.)


  1. Love your story! Thanks for sharing! And congrats!

  2. Ok how stinkin cute is this??? I love it. He Who Shall Not Be Named seems like a ton of fun too.

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