over and out

I just listened to a CD, a mix a friend compiled entitled “moving alison” and laid on the floor for one last time in my lime green space (laying on the floor, listening to music, is my favorite way to unwind). The old place is officially cleaned and empty, aside from my wireless modem stuff and phone, which I need to bite the bullet and pack up, then go turn in my keys once and for all. At least I have enough to do in my new place (oh, and a job to get back to tomorrow, ugh), so the fact I won’t have internet back up until 5:00 PM Tuesday, shouldn’t be too bad.

Anyway . . . now I’m just procrastinating, but wanted to make one final entry from here.

Good bye lime green apartment, you were good to me, but here’s to hoping for even better days ahead.


  1. Congrats on your 2nd starting over!!! I am sad to see the lime wall go but i love the new color scheme!!!

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