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It’s been a while since I’ve complained about parking.

Sadly, that comes to an end today.

Those of you with me from the beginning, know since day one here I’ve complained about parking issues. After a while, it became some what of a joke. I’d see friends who I rarely see, but who’d read my blog and/or FB updates and the first thing they would ask is, “How’s parking?”

Honestly, it was okay for a while. I haven’t had an over night squatter in my space in a few months. Lately, my biggest issue has been jerks flying around the corner and not giving me the space to back out (I have to do a two-point turn if my neighbor is there to get out, otherwise I risk hitting a cement pillar, which I already do enough of). On Monday leaving for work, though, I actually had to honk and roll down my window to tell a car to back off so I could actually move.

Add that to fact I have been dealing with rude people all week . . . ranging from co-workers to people at the gym (yes, I remembered where my gym was and actually went) and everyone in between . . . so when I came home tonight to find someone in my space, that was it.

I always leave a note when someone is in my space. Albeit a very generic, neutral note kindly informing the person of his or her parking mistake. But, tonight? Well, after writing my 20th odd note and fed up in general of people just being flat out careless and never having to be accountable for their actions, I wrote a new kind of note. Because people in this city know better. It’s not a parking free-for all in ANY garage. I know parking can be confusing, and it’s not always clearly marked, but that’s why you ASK or why the people who live here should inform guests. I always always ALWAYS tell my guests where it is and is not okay to park. It’s simply common courtesy for the people who live here and PAY to live here. AARRRGGHH!!!

Anyway, so, I wrote this:

Granted, I’m sure the person will think I’m a lonely, miserable, single, bitter chick who has nothing better to do with my time, but oh well. It felt good to write it and good to drop it off.

Apartment living . . . I’m so incredibly over it.

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