The past few weeks were spent overhauling the house and getting ready to put it on the market.

It was A LOT of work. Decluttering and finishing off all those projects that are natural to put off until you have motivation to do them. And being an old home and needing some love and care – it feels like one little fix easily turns into a large project.

This was my kitchen last weekend . . .


I’ll share some after photos later, but my house looks so different now! Makes me sad we didn’t do this a couple years ago to actually enjoy it myself for a while!

Getting the house put on the market means it’s almost time for me to move! It feels so strange to me that in a few months time now my life will be unrecognizable. I’ll be in a new neighborhood, new house, starting Charlie in full time childcare and will have [hopefully] a new job. It’s nuts. There are days it feels so heavy and too much . . . so I spend a lot of time trying to find the humor and lightheartedness amongst it all.

Like when S and I found ourselves at the court-ordered co-parenting class last week that all divorcing parents must take. Apparently couples (ex-couples, rather) don’t attend together, but they really should! It’s a lot of great information, and even better when it opens up conversations about it with one another. Anyway – needless to say – we were the only ones who went together and we sat in the back corner sharing snacks out of a Whole Foods bag S had brought for us, sipping on flavored sparkling water and feeling out of place, though we were very much in the right place. The best part came at the end – when a woman cried out, “Y’ALL, we are GETTING DIVORCED! How EMBARRASSING is this?!?” I giggled a little, but her outcry was simply mirroring what many, if not all, of us were screaming on the inside.

Honestly, I’ve come near my breaking point a few times in the past couple of weeks, which is where that poor woman had reached, obviously. Not sure what my breaking point would look like, not hollering out at a co-parenting class, but if it happened I’m sure it would be something to that effect. I just remind myself when it all feels like too much that the only way to get past all of this is to just go right on through it. There are no detours or shortcuts when it comes to grief. And here I am – trudging directly through the middle of it, but the further I get into it, the closer I am to getting out of it. So, there’s that, at least.

Anyway – so the house is getting overhauled, and so is my life. Things are definitely chaotic – doable, but chaotic.

And somewhere in all of this, my baby turns ONE next week!!! HOW is that possible?! Stayed tuned for LOTS and LOTS of Charlie and motherhood musings over the next week!!


  1. I’ve been thinking about you! If you need any help/advice about being a working mom, let me know. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll all do just great.

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