peace out 2010

Coming into 2010, I had so many hopes for what this year might mean and bring to me, then it passed by busily and in a blink of an eye . . . bringing me nothing that I originally wished for (no, this wasn’t my year). But, the year did bring me things I needed in one way or another – I just didn’t realize it at the time.

2010 gave me a lot of time and space to truly settle back into me as all the dust from 2009 cleared. The year also taught me a little more patience and perserverance as it required a lot of just hanging in there and maintaining faith that someday my household will consist of more than just me, my quirky I-live-alone single habits, and two cats who barf a lot (no offense, Tate and Toby).

The year was anything but quiet or low-key, though. . . from changing jobs to the Arizona house saga to running around the streets of NYC to visiting Finland to turning 30 to all the other countless adventures with friends and late night happenings, there has always been something to do and to experience and someone great to share it with.

In a nutshell. . . 2010 is a year that I am neither happy nor sorry to see go . . . it simply is what it is.

As for 2011?

I’m not ready to start subjecting it to my wishes and demands quite yet. I do know that I will start the year off experimenting with speed dating, learning to speak Finnish, and saying good-bye to my lime green wall and hello to teal blue (I’m moving soon, just two doors down, into a smaller and much cheaper unit).

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend and here’s wishing everyone much health and happiness in 2011!!!


  1. You and me both sister – this was not an easy year! I know it was all just part of the journey but it hasn’t been the best of times. Yay for 2011 and all that it will bring!

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