practice makes perfect.

Yesterday, I experienced my first bout of Braxton Hicks contractions . . . the “practice” contractions the body does to prepare for the big event.

I happened to be at lunch with a couple of pregnant friends when one came on. I had been feeling them on and off for the past week or so, but wasn’t sure what they were. When I described the feeling and had a friend feel my belly, she confirmed that’s what Braxton Hicks are.

Now, they aren’t a big deal and don’t do anything to actually put one into labor, but they can be a little uncomfortable and make a first time mom panic a bit when they don’t go away. I went home and drank tons of water and laid down, but they didn’t seem to be going away and the baby was CRAZY active ALL day . . . so he must have been disturbed by them, and then I started getting worried about why he wasn’t sleeping.

I made the mistake of visiting doctor google, and of course read the rarest, scariest stories . . . ones I don’t even want to recount . . . so I ended up on the phone with the on-call OB. Who reassured me everything was fine, what I’m feeling is totally normal, and to just take it easy and pay attention to my body if they were to increase in frequency or force. (And that an unusually active baby one day is no cause for concern. I mean, who worries about their baby moving too much?! Me, apparently.)

They didn’t get any worse, thankfully, but I did experience them for a good 6-7 hours. I think just the combination of those, plus heart burn, plus an upset stomach from overeating at Red Robin, just made me very anxious and overthink everything. It’s so hard to really know what’s going on it in there – especially now that he’s gotten so big and him rolling or turning his head can feel tight and uncomfortable.

He Who Shall Not Be Named had been out of town for over a week, but thankfully got in at midnight last night and so I’m feeling much better to not be home alone. He’s finally done with longer stretches of travel and will just take one or two day trips to places he can get home within a few hours. I think knowing that will go a long way for my own mental sanity over these last 5-7 weeks!!!!!!!

YES, just 5-7 weeks left . . . oy!!!!!

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