prayers for a soul mate

My mom often sends me quotes and inspirational articles. Things to lift my spirits or to help reassure me that despite decisions I’ve made and the path I’ve carved out in my life, some day everything will make sense. Often assuring me that soon enough I’ll get to experience a true, unconditional love and be blessed with a family of my own.

I do love receiving these uplifting bits, though I’ll admit, as time goes on I find myself growing more and more cynical and find it harder to take the inspirations about love to heart. Images of where I want to see myself in 5, 10 years down the road rarely involve a significant other anymore.
I don’t see myself being pessimistic, so much as simply being realistic.
The other day, my mom sent me an article with prayers for a soul mate. Daily mantras to recite to help build and keep faith that somewhere out there a perfect partner does exist.
I’m not sold, but I’ll give the idea a shot.

As I read through, trying to take the words to heart, trying hard to believe and visualize that my name is stamped on some guy’s heart somewhere out there – I noticed on the side bar there was a poll:

“Do you believe in there is a special soul mate for every person?”
The options were: I do with all my heart; I hope so, but not sure; and, No way!

I pondered my response. Sadly, I don’t believe there IS someone for everyone. A true soul mate, that is. Even if there is, it seems the odds of actually running into said person and getting to the point where you can even start to realize they are a soul mate – I feel like I have a better chance of winning the lotto (I should really start playing). I do think everyone is capable of meeting and clicking with someone, perhaps sharing a life or part of it, but I don’t think all of us are so lucky to find that soul mate love. (If we all did, and so many soul mates truly existed, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high, would it?)
For my answer, I decided to select I wasn’t sure. I expected the majority to answer with me and select the middle of the road answer, too. But, I was astounded to see that 74% of respondents actually said they believed with all their heart everyone had a soul mate! (23% were on the fence, and only 3% said NO WAY.)

Granted, the people voting are visiting a daily inspirational website and most have faith and positive outlooks as it is, yet, I do find the percentage comforting and hopeful, albeit a tad biased. Maybe if so many people still believe in soul mates – maybe it’s possible I can believe in them again someday, too.
And, maybe if I can believe it, it can happen, right?

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