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Charlie is growing up so fast! I went in today and he is already like a different baby!

At 34 weeks, he’s finally old enough to be exposed to light so they turned the lights on in his room and will get him used to day versus night. He’s starting to get into wake and sleep cycles and he’s waking up for his feedings! We had two great practice nursing sessions this morning, and then this afternoon, he successfully took a bottle!!! He ate 23 out of 40 ml!!! He loves his food and did great!!!!

The occupational therapist who came to evaluate him during his first bottle feeding was also very impressed with his neck strength and how active he is.

Due to his acid reflux and his tendency to get fussy at night when he’s held less, the staff brought a Mamaroo into his room. I was SO excited about this because I registered for one, but have been on the fence since I hear it’s a little hit or miss for babies. I figured this way we’d know if he liked it or not, and if he didn’t, we wouldn’t need to buy one. Well, of course he LOVED it . . . when I got in this morning he was happily napping away while on the kangaroo setting. It was SO CUTE!!!

Having the Mamaroo also makes it easier for me to put him down so I can go grab lunch or take a bathroom break. Since he’s starting to get more and more aware . . . he knows when I put him down in his crib and he’s not usually too happy about it. He loves to snuggle and today became very vocal when I’d put him down (except for Mamaroo time – he LOVES that!). When I got him to sleep and tried to leave today to come home for dinner . . . I seriously had one foot out the door, I turned around for one last look, and his eyes SNAPPED open and then he wailed.

(The nurses used to come running when he cried, but now they let me handle it, which I appreciate because I need to get to know him and learn how to calm him down on my own.)

So . . . he got me to stay for one more hour holding him while he got some good sleep. (He likes it when I sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.) Then, it was time for his next feeding – one I don’t stay for because the NICU closes for shift change right after it starts – so when I set him down and he started wailing, I just had to have the nurse come in and get him. Broke my heart – but I remind myself he’ll be home before we know it and then all those baby wails will be aallllll mine.

Now that he’s more wakeful and I’m interacting even more with him, it makes me all the more impatient for me to get him home. I have to remind myself he WILL come home, and probably by the end of the month if we’re lucky, so I just need to remember to stay in the moment and enjoy him in the moment, even if it’s at the hospital and not at home. I do appreciate the training from the NICU nurses . . . I had never changed a diaper (nor had He Who Shall Not Be Named!) before Charlie!!!!! Way to learn on a preemie who is attached to tons of wires, in an incubator, and you have to change the diaper through the port holes!! Changing him now with just his sensors on in an open crib seems like a breeze . . . so I can’t wait until he doesn’t have ANY wires.

Anyway – that’s what happened today – I’m so proud of my growing peanut and am excited to see how this week progresses with his feedings!


  1. I love the pictures you post of him. I can imagine that would be hard to leave him at the hospital but you’re a great mama! I’m excited for him to come home too and see many more pics! He’s a cutie!

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