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So, I’ve been feeling a little impatient and frustrated lately. Nothing seems to be going my way and I’m just irritated. Things just feel stagnant at the moment. I guess since the dust has finally settled and cleared from the past year, I find myself sitting here wondering, “what’s next?” Yet, doesn’t seem like anything is in the pipeline and I don’t know what more I can do to change that. I decided the answer would be seeing a psychic. Slightly crazy, I know. Even if everything they say is potentially utter nonsense babble, I still thought it might give me a sliver of hope?
Today was a quiet Sunday. After a nice brunch and a stroll around Wash Park and lots of talk about the unknowns in life – I talked a friend into seeking out a psychic with me. After cruising the neighborhood for about 20 minutes, I was about to give up (these shops aren’t easy to google map for and psychics don’t answer their phones). But, just as we were turning around to make one last sweep, I saw a “PSYCHIC TAROT CARD” sign and it said, “OPEN.” Yatzee!
A sweet old lady met us at the door. We inquired about prices and services and decided we’d do the palm readings (versus the more expensive Tarot Cards or some other expensive full screening). The lady explained there is no psychic ability in reading palms, she simply reads the lines we are born with and die with . . . what God gave us. She is there to speak the truth, and may the truth set us free.
I hesitantly went first. I was asked to wipe my palms off with a kleenex to cleanse away any outside influences I’d picked up throughout the day (or most likely to dry them off since I’m sure many people are nervous and arrive with sweaty palms. Like me). Then she asked I state my birth given name and birthday while she stared into my palms (I think to probably get an idea of my age I am sure). She was silent for a moment and then looked up and said, “Please don’t get upset at what I am going to say. I am here to speak the truth.” I immediately freaked and was thinking she was going to tell me I had a short life line or something. Or that I’d die miserable and alone. Instead she told me the following (I’m summarizing as best as I can remember, I don’t want to forget this experience, haha) . . .
Your lines tell me that you are very very confused right now. In all aspects of your life. Personal, professional. But, especially personal. Your life is like a puzzle. You’ve been all over the place and have been riddled with self doubt. People love to give you their opinions and advice. You sometimes get treated like a child. But, you have to stop listening to everyone. Others’ advice does not apply to you. It will not work for you. Only you know what’s in your heart and if you listen to it, you won’t be led wrong. You once loved someone. I do not use the term “love” loosely. You sincerely loved someone and gave them your heart. Then, they stomped on it. But, it’s time to get over that now. Get over it. Don’t let the fear from that experience hold you back anymore. You have been thinking about making a change. You need to do it. Your personal life will not get any better than it is right now, until you make that change happen. You are not a leader. You do not like making decisions and it stresses you out. That is okay. Not everyone was born to lead. Professionally, you will never be someone of great influence. You won’t be an executive or climb far up the ladder. And that is also okay, because that does not bring you fulfillment. Home, love and family fulfill you. You are destined to be a wife and a mother. You are sensitive and nurturing and have a lot of love to give. I see children (plural) in your future. But, you are far, far away from that yet. Your life will continue to be puzzling and confusing for sometime. Have faith though – you will work through it. You have an extended life line that gets deeper as you age. Someday, you will put your puzzle together. Someday, you will be calm and deeply satisfied. On your journey, you must remember to never settle for second best because you deserve better. Concentrate on removing doubt from your life. Increase your self confidence; listen to yourself, you know yourself. God Bless You.
The end.
A few things she said really hit a chord with me; everything was kind of spot on or something I was simply happy to hear (the family bit). Though, I guess anything she said I could have related back in some way (like a horoscope). And she’s been doing that for like 45 years, so I am sure she is an amazing read of character and probably pays close attention to how people act prior to the reading. And how people are reacting during the reading – to know if she’s on track or not. I’m sure seeing the interaction between Kay and I when we came in also gave her more insight into each of us. Still, it was pretty interesting because the things she focused on in my readings were things I feel are important or personal to me. There was no way the lady could have known those things about us and that was eerie. I’m half tempted to go to another palm reader to see if they see the same things, haha.
As far as her encouraging to make that change I’ve been pondering – there really isn’t any change I’ve been thinking about other than wanting to move downtown when my lease is up (in 9 months) and perhaps trying out a new online dating site. I can’t really do anything about my lease right now, but I can join the online dating site, so this is my motivation to do it. Can’t hurt, I suppose.
Well, time for bed. I’ll continue working on this puzzle of my life in the morning :).


  1. That’s very interesting and it is kind of eerie how she seemed to know part of what was going on in your life. I always wonder if it is all “fake” or if there is any sliver of truth to those kinds of people. Now I want to go to one! Except I don’t know if they have those over here, and even if they did, I’m sure they’d speak Italian and I wouldn’t understand a word of it. =)

  2. That is crazy! I love that type of stuff so it is very intriguing to me!!! Thanks for the fun read!

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