puppy love

People aren’t kidding when they joke with newlyweds who get puppies, saying they are practicing for the real thing.

While I am not even going to try to pretend having a puppy is as hard as a baby (we can leave puppies at home alone, after all) . . . there are definitely a lot of the same themes going on:

Trying to get baby on an eating and sleeping schedule, constant supervision, can’t leave the room without her crying and I feel like I can’t get a minute to myself to even shower or get some food.

He Who Shall Not Be Named has been traveling and we usually have time to sit and chat on the phone . . . now our conversations are cut short . . . “I gotta go . . . there’s a situation with the cat.”

While she’s a handful right now . . . she’s going to get in a routine and grow out of it super fast.

She’s definitely turned our household upside down. Reiley has been grouchy and I think he’s ready for her to go.
The cats aren’t too pleased and sit upstairs howling. If Carly so much as catches a glimpse of them, she’s off to greet them. She’s so loving and just wants to hug them, but unfortunately, they don’t speak the same language so they puff their tails, hiss and hide.
We had a very busy morning though and I’m proud to announce she officially knows the command “Sit!”
Now after all of her racing around in the yard, she’s finally passed out.
I’m thinking I am going to try to take this opportunity to lay her in her crate so I can shower with peace of mind she’s not going potty somewhere or chewing up one of Daddy’s shoes . . .
She’s either on the move . . . or as still as a brick!


  1. She is adorable! Makes me want a big dog, and while they’re not exactly the same, puppies are very good practice for babies!!

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