rest in peace, my daisy mae

On Monday night after work, I went out to my parents’ house to say good bye to the family cat, Daisy Mae. She was the last sole survivor of my childhood, my last childhood kitten. My parents, while they love all animals, are dog-lovers, but me, the odd-ball, who from the time I could first walk and talk always gravitated towards cats. I am ever so thankful my parents indulged me and let me have cats. I don’t think they realized, when we picked up Daisy in 1995, that she would LONG outlive my time left in the family house :).
On Wednesday, Daisy Mae was laid to rest after surviving the odds of an indoor/outdoor cat and living to the ripe old age of almost 16 years old. We thought Daisy just might live forever, but sadly, after being on thyroid medication for almost 3 years, it was just too much on her little system. She went kindly and peacefully, with both my parents by her side.
Daisy came to live with us in March 1995. On a rainy morning, my freshman year of high school, my dad saw an ad in the local paper for free kittens on a farm outside town. A year earlier I had lost my cat Sally, who walked off the property and just never came back. Then, just a month earlier, we had lost a family dog, Niko, who I had bonded with through obedience training and he slept on my bed every night. I was pretty bummed out from both losses, so in an attempt to cheer me up, my parents were going to let me get another kitten. (My mom was trying to talk me into a puppy, but it didn’t work. It had to be a kitten.)
My dad and I trekked out in the mud and rain to go check out the litter of advertised kitties. I sat in the lady’s barn and let all the kittens crawl around. I had my eye on a black and white kitten, who wasn’t giving me the time of day. Daisy, however, wouldn’t leave me alone. I was about to walk out with the black and white one, but my dad reminded me I shouldn’t pick the kitten, she should pick me. Therefore, the little gray tabby it was! On the car ride home, I decided her name was Daisy Mae. Dad didn’t like the name and tried to talk me out of it, but you can’t reason much with a 14 year old girl, and Daisy Mae it was.

Of course, life for me moved on and I moved out for college, but Daisy stayed with my parents. She was a country girl and would have never done well in an apartment with me. And, my mom would never admit it, but I don’t think she could have let Daisy go. As much as she complained about Daisy’s destruction and cat litter, it was my mom and Daisy who had bonded the most.
So, Daisy, you’ll be sorely missed by many! You were a great cat and we love you!


  1. Oh Al, it sounds like this has been a rough week all around. Sorry to hear about Daisy Mae. 🙁 How are you feeling?

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