rodent allergies

(Yes, it has come to this. I am now blogging about rodent allergies.)

Yesterday was an odd day at the shelter, I didn’t adopt out a single cat. I still had three adoptions, though. A parakeet, a guinea pig and a teddy bear hamster. I also held a rat, named Cheese, that one of the other volunteers was holding at the desk that she planned to adopt and take home. It was the first time I’ve held or done anything with the small animals (we call them SMAMS) really ever in my life. And what did I learn? I’m allergic.
By the time I was digging the third animal out of its cage, the teddy bear hamster named Chalupa, I realized my ears, nose, eyes and head were extremely itchy. My nose was stuffing up and my throat felt scratchy and thick. I could have done a rabbit adoption before I left for the day (seriously, it was SMAM Saturday, it was so random), but the lady at the desk wouldn’t let me handle another rodent-esque critter after seeing a possible allergic reaction setting in. When I got home and looked in the mirror I realized my eyes were puffy, too. I did feel a ton better after leaving the shelter, showering and changing, thankfully. I do want to give it another go handling those little things, since they are so are cute (rats LOVE people!), and test my allergy theory. But, next week I’ll do it with Benadryl on stand-by.

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