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Baby’s first Christmas!!! Are you ready for a photo overload post?! I AM!

I was really stressed about this Christmas. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. I didn’t know how I was going to make everything work. I wanted to spend the holiday with my family, with our traditions, yet I also knew it was important to include Charlie’s dad as well, since I wouldn’t want to miss Charlie’s first Christmas it didn’t feel right making him miss it, either.

This is the hardest thing I’m learning about co-parenting. It’s a very delicate balance between what is right for me, what is right for Charlie, and what is right for my other loved ones who are closely involved in our lives. I know I’m not always going to make the best calls and some of the decisions might not make sense to outsiders. But, I hope they will always make sense for our #1 . . . Charlie. So, I had to get a bit creative with the schedule, but I like to think it was a success for everyone.

Anyway. Back to the good stuff!!! Baby’s first Christmas, you guys, it’s a HUGE deal!

Christmas Eve morning I met the baby daddy – okay, seriously, I can’t do this, ha! It’s so hard to not say his name! Or to type He Who Shall Not be Named. So, here it is – he’s just going to go by S. I think that’s how I referred to him long, long ago when we were barely dating?

So, back to Christmas Eve. Charlie and I met S at the mall to see Santa. While we are new to the Santa scene, we knew it would likely get crazy. It isn’t possible for me to get out of the house with the baby before 9 AM. It is, but it’s really hard. Santa was due to start at 9. S got there early, grabbed two coffees, and stood in line. (I guess the second cup of coffee made him look like less of a creep standing alone in a Santa line?)

Charlie was a little ham while we waited. He LOVED all the little girls waiting around him and would just stare and smile anytime one of them would look at him.

When we finally got to the big guy – Charlie went straight for the beard!!! Santa acted fast and restrained his hand. That made me a little sad, I mean, come on Santa, isn’t that a little par for the course here with your job?  But, I was still super happy about the sweet photo op.


He didn’t cry ON Santa’s lap, but the second I put him back in the stroller he was over the whole experience . . .


We loaded up in the car and headed home for nap time!

I spent nap time getting ready for my parents, Gran and Gramps, to come over for our family’s Christmas Eve tradition of fondue and opening gifts.


Charlie had lots of fun with the wrapping paper and bows!


AND! A Christmas miracle! He’s SITTING! I wanted him to sit by Christmas so badly so I could have a sweet photo of him sitting by the tree and I got my wish.


After we opened gifts, I got Charlie into his Christmas PJs and let him play with some of his toys from Gran and Gramps before bedtime.


We attempted to get some photos – but we couldn’t get the lighting worked out just right. At least you can still see that sweet smile! (He’s turned into such a happy baby!!! Not that he hasn’t always been happy, but well, no, he hasn’t always been happy. We FINALLY have his reflux very well managed and he is so much happier and obviously feeling a lot better!)


After Charlie went to bed, we made our traditional fondue and dipped french bread, cauliflower, apples and sausage. I tried a new recipe that included some cherry liqueur in it. Well, I didn’t follow the directions and so I just mixed it in with the rest of the wine and cheese instead of pouring it around first to cook and burn off.

Let’s just say it was a bit of a boozy fondue but delicious all the same!

On Christmas morning, S came over just before Charlie got up. It was really sweet carrying Charlie downstairs to see what Santa brought. He of course had no clue what was going on, but at least it was fun for me. He got lots of wooden puzzles, books, blankets, stuffed animals and his favorite is his new baby grand. He is obsessed with any sort of piano toy and so this was no surprisingly a huge hit!


S made some french toast and bacon, setting the fire alarm off in the process, while Charlie lounged in his new chair with some of his new loot.


After breakfast, it was nap time, so S left and I prepared for Gran and Gramps and my uncle to come over for Christmas dinner. I won’t even pretend I had any hand in cooking that – my mom prepared cornish game hens, wild rice and Brussels sprouts.

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas and some very sweet memories were captured for Charlie. It’s heartbreaking for me to think I might not get to see my peanut on future Christmases, but it’s my hope S and I will always be able to work together, like this year, to figure out a schedule so we can both be present for certain events no matter who’s year.

The rest of the holiday weekend sped by in a flash and left my head spinning . . . now I have a quiet moment and I’m just sitting here in disbelief wondering how in the heck 2014 flew by So. Dang. Fast.


  1. Sounds like you did a great job getting through a tough but precious time. Thinking about you a lot and praying you guys are OK:)

  2. Loved this! Merry Christmas to you all. Next year will be FUN!!

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