September haps.

The past couple of weeks have been super busy and flown by . . . I took a business trip to San Francisco and while I was originally hesitant because it meant I’d 1) be out of state from Charlie for the first time, and 2) away from Charlie for the longest stretch yet, once I got there it was a really nice pseudo-vacation. My agenda was manageable and I was able to walk the city quite a bit. Not having any baby or animals needing me also meant I could turn in super early and I got the most amazing sleep while I was there. Oh sleep, how I miss you so.


The office was just a couple minutes from the water and it was great motivation to take breaks during the day to walk out and just sit and breathe. This was the best shot I got, but I feel like the fence is a metaphor for my life – ha! (I kid, I kid.)

On the flight home I sat next to a couple with their 15 month old son and it made me realize how much I missed Charlie and I was so excited to get home – though, I got in after he was in bed, but it was the best feeling to see his smiling face first thing the next morning.


Charlie had school pictures while I was gone and I am dying over his little jeans. He is so dang short that every single pair of pants have to be rolled on him. I heard that he actually cooperated and smiled for the camera and I can’t wait to see the final shots!

Charlie is a super busy bee and is growing up before my eyes – so bittersweet!!!

If he’s awake, he’s moving, and he can be exhausting. I seriously can’t wait for the day a TV show or movie will capture his attention for half an hour.


He is OBSESSED with Tate. Tate is such a kind old soul, he let’s Charlie chase him, roll on him, squeeze him. I try to always supervise, of course, and we’re working on “gentle pet” but it’s a hard concept to teach. Tate always seeks Charlie out so I guess he doesn’t mind the attention.


Charlie knows what the word, “No!” means but it doesn’t phase him one bit. He’ll start laughing hysterically when I say it. We’re working on redirection, but he is one stubborn cookie. Seriously redirection is impossible with him if he has his mind set to do something. I can say, “NO!” and take him away and busy him with something else and he’ll go right back to doing what I don’t want him to do. Repeat 100 times.

The biggest milestone recently has been answering yes and no questions. He will shake his head for no and can say, “Yah!” or “Yaaaaass!” for yes. It’s made communication easier, but it’s hard when he wants something he can’t have. If you say “no” to something he is saying “YAAAAS!” for a tantrum ensues. So it begins!

He’s definitely a little speech delayed compared to his peers, even for his adjusted age, but I’m trying not to panic or engage with a speech therapist quite yet. He understands a lot of what I say to him, so that’s the only thing that eases my mind right now. (But, walking into his classroom and hearing a little girl sing the beginnings of her ABC’s is a little unnerving. Even if she is likely closer to 2.) He babbles A LOT and I know is trying to talk more – I think he’s just having a hard time forming the right sounds.

We’ve also been sick this month – I usually rarely get sick but was recovering from the second cold Charlie brought home. I was slowly getting better, Friday I took Charlie to the ped and he had a mild ear infection and started antibiotics for that. Then I don’t know if I just got run down or I picked something up in the doctor’s office, but yesterday I everything came back full force and this morning I woke up with pink eye. YUCK! So I took a sick day and went to the doctor – to find I have an ear infection, too, along with a sinus infection and, yeah, pink eye. Ew. So, antibiotics and eye drops for me and I’m thanking God that as of right now I don’t have to pin down a toddler to administer drops to him. Let’s hope his antibiotics keep him protected!!! Oh the joys of little people and their germs.

(I seriously was just talking to someone the other day about kids and germs and how I am terrified of pink eye and lice Well. Jinx. Just thankful it wasn’t lice, omg.)

On a brighter note – my kitchen is FINALLY done. I had a bit of a backsplash drama – the incorrect color was installed. See below – the ORANGE tile was initially put in. It was supposed to be gold. It was also supposed to be one strip and not two tiles thick but, I had to pick my battle on this one. I’ll share some full kitchen shots soon. Right now  it looks like a pharmacy exploded on the counters.


And those be the September haps over here. I’ve finally got the itch for fall and am looking forward to the weather following suit. This hot streak is for the birds. Halloween is historically chilly here and while I hope for mild weather, I do hope it’s cool enough to warrant a cozy halloween costume because I have a super cute and fuzzy one planned for Charlie!!!!!!

Happy official fall and I hope these nasty bugs haven’t taken over anyone else’s house!!!

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