sew bad.

Well, my first sewing attempt on my new machine was a bit of a failure.

I hemmed a pair of He Who Shall Not Be Named’s sweatpants (us short people have to hem EVERYTHING). He Who Shall Not Be Named thought he could show me up on the machine, so we decided to have a sew-off and each do a leg.

Not to gender stereotype, but I imagine most people would guess the neat leg on the right was mine, and the weird one, He Who Shall Not Be Named’s.

Yeah, I wish.

Not sure what happened, I am thinking I just pressed the foot too fast and wasn’t pulling the material straight. I was also using a different stitch than He Who Shall Not Be Named chose.

In my defense, I’ve only used a sewing machine once before. Apparently, He Who Shall Not Be Named had extensive training in the 7th grade and he made a stuffed rabbit from scratch.

I guess I need to continue practicing on scrap things before I try and tackle curtains for the house . . .


  1. LOLOL! In your defense, I don’t think hemming a stretchy material is the easiest thing in the world, but I think He Who Shall Not Be Named probably chose the right stitch. The good thing is a seam ripper is super cheap and easy to use so you could have a do-over pretty easily! Keep trying! It’s fun once you get it!

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