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This weekend I spent some time with Whitney, who was in town from southern Cali to celebrate her baby shower, and some other old friends from my hometown. It’s just crazy to me to see people I’ve known well over 20 years, as little kids ourselves, and to see them experience motherhood, bringing a whole new generation into this world.

Life passes way too quickly.

As happy as I am for all my girlfriends, at events like that, it’s all too easy to get impatient and wonder why I don’t have the love of my life standing next to me and a little infant around to fawn over, too. I often feel out of place standing in a group of marrieds with children, especially when as much as I think babies are the cutest things ever – I just never know what to do around them (I loathe baby talk and was raised to speak to children as adults). Not knowing what to do around a baby and people think I don’t want one.

I try to think back to when we were little – what did I expect life would be like at 30? And in reality . . . 7 year old Alison wouldn’t have felt out of place at all to flash forward and see herself standing in a kitchen, at a baby shower, the only one not married, expecting, or holding an infant. Because, when I was younger, I never dreamt of marriage or being a mother. I dreamt of living in a great little place alone, chasing a career, and going out on the town after work. (Be careful what you wish for?? Ha.) And, I suppose I am doing just that.

So, today, I’m taking a queue from 7 year old me and I am as happy as a clam to be living my single and fabulous dream. Perhaps it’s not as “fabulous” as I might have imagined as a kid. And perhaps I didn’t get here on the path I might have imagined. But, having my freedom and space to live for just me and still having a lot of amazing life experiences ahead of me to look forward to . . . yes, that is fabulous.

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