six of one, half dozen of another!

My little baby turned six months last week. A HALF of a year. Seriously?


We had his well baby visit today and his stats were:

Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz; Height: 24.5 in; and Head: LARGE.

For his age, he is in the 1st percentile – a little peanut, but it’s great news he’s ON the chart and his growth curve is finally trending up. He’s getting close to TRIPLING his birth weight, so that is pretty amazing. We are still mixing his formula to a higher calorie and likely will continue to do so until he is eating more solids.

Yesterday, we attempted to get some professional photos. Charlie hadn’t napped well in the morning and he fell asleep in the car on the way there. Unfortunately, he was a very unhappy camper when he was woken up. He wouldn’t open his eyes for the camera and wailed unless he was sitting in his stroller. The photographer finally called it and said we could reschedule. We felt terrible, and especially as a mother, I felt really bad about myself for not being able to calm him down enough to participate. We learned we were only the THIRD family to have to reschedule in TEN years. Itty bitties are loose canons . . . certainly Charlie isn’t THAT moody?! Whatevs.

To also celebrate six months, we started solids. I have a confession . . . I never understood why babies always had such messy faces when they ate. I had this idea in my head that I would put the spoon in baby’s mouth, wipe his little cheeks after every bite . . . easy peasy, right?


Charlie hasn’t grasped the whole eating concept and while I offer him something everyday, he isn’t always into it. But, he IS always into trying to grab the spoon with his fast, ninja hands. After one bite he has traces of sweet potatoes on his eye lid and in his hair and by the time we’re finished – we’re both covered in it. Honestly, even though I see him swallow, I question if he’s wearing more or ate more when we’re done. (I’m guessing wearing more.)

As soon as I have some time to sit down and put some thought into it . . . which is rare these days since mama spends a lot of time at the used car lot . . . I want to write my lessons learned after 6 months of motherhood. I hadn’t even CHANGED A DIAPER before Charlie. So, these past six months . . . well, they’ve been an education to say the least.

Happy Halfy Birthday, baby boy!

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